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VEVOR Pond Aerator Lake Pond Aeration Kit w/ 3/4 HP Pump 100' Tube 10" Diffuser

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Pond Aerator Lake Pond Aeration Kit w/ 3/4 HP Pump 100' Tube 10" Diffuser

1 590W

Customer Reviews

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Douglas Hawk Douglas Hawk
I have had many pumps in the past all promise life time warranty. But they are no where to be found. I am hoping this time will be different. It looks and sounds great but time will tell. It works around the clock 365 days a year. I look forward to a long maintenance free relationship. DC
Ray Ray
Great Buy
After searching numerous sites Vevor has the best deal for pond aerators. This thing has worked flawless since I installed it 2 months ago. I definitely recommend.
Jabro Jabro
I've been using this for several weeks now 24 hrs a day and it has been great. It's pretty quite, easy set up and very powerful. I've got it in a enclosed container with vents to allow pump to stay cool and air flow. I've got a 100 foot weighted hose running to my pond in which I buried and its working flawlessly.
Daniel Daniel
Just like everyone else my toggle switch failed almost immediately but customer service reimbursed me for a replacement switch. Easy enough to install and even with the defect the system is still good for the price.
Rob R Rob R
Excellent aerator! Has run non-stop for 6 months, without issue. Clean the filter once a month and forgot about it till next month. Quality build, solid design, with a good value price to boot. I couldn't ask for more....
Chris Chris
Great price.
Great price. Very nice and easy to use but noticed it has about a year life before parts need to be replaced
Pond Owner Pond Owner
Works great!
This works as it should. Used the timer that comes with it and does not disappoint. Runs every day for 2 hrs
Gene Gene
Works very well has good air flow a bit louder than the one I replaced. Time will tell how long it will last. the one I purchased from another company only lasted 2 years.
Rancher Rancher
The directions were a challenge to follow , however it’s fairly intuitive to put together. It has worked well since I installed it. There were apparently problems with a switch before , as noted in other reviews. They have since done away with the manual switch and there is just a power cord . They did provide an electronic timer that i have set up to go on for 12 hrs then turn off. Works great. Only had a month or so but so far seems to work well. And they changed the switch problem .
Curt S Curt S
Great deal.
(First thing to anyone new at this. Make sure you research pond aerator fish kill. I did tons of research and this topic is one thats not talked about enough. I run this setup at night and I have a small Harbor Freight Avanti air brush pump that runs another diffuser during the day.) So far a great deal for the price for my 1.5 acre pond. Pros: great compressor, diffusers are top notch. Cons: the air line is not actual weighted line. They do include weights to go on the line though, compressor is not dual voltage. 120V only. I did get rid of the switch and used a A/C electrical cord that has a GCFI end and heavier gauge wire. Result was a 1/2 amp less in current being drawn. That will add up over a year. If this was 240v capable it would be the perfect compressor for volume and cheaper running cost. I added a pressure gauge and a valve right off the compressor to run the perfect balance of volume to the diffusers and let air escape to keep the air pressure low. Basically instead of back pressure making the compressor work harder I just vent it the the atmosphere. Be sure to unscrew the diffusers from the base, you will prob find some plastic in the elbow. Just blow it out. I am running the compressor in the garage to 250 feet of 1/2 id plastic tubing, then another 40 ft of the weighted line for both diffusers. Will update as time goes on.

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