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VEVOR Industrial Pipe Shelving, Pipe Shelves with 3-Tier Wood Planks, Rustic Floating Shelves Wall Mounted, Wall Shelf DIY Bookshelf for Bar Kitchen Bathroom Farmhouse Living Room, 9x12x43 inch

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Industrial Pipe Shelving, Pipe Shelves with 3-Tier Wood Planks, Rustic Floating Shelves Wall Mounted, Wall Shelf DIY Bookshelf for Bar Kitchen Bathroom Farmhouse Living Room, 9x12x43 inch

3 Layers 12x40x8 inch

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Eric W Eric W
Nice but
I love the way it looks. The wall anchors it comes with are garbage. It's a bit difficult to get hung on the wall.
Bret Eliezer Bret Eliezer
Good for money
Suggest actually using pipe tape so you have more control of threading, they're straight cut / not npt threads so "tightened down fully" shrinks the lengths too much to fit thru board holes, they must be a bit loose to fit into their resoective places. . A decade ago, I was a commercial pipe fitter so I got it all nice and tight, clocked properly, but I can tell you I watched my very handy girlfriend struggle for 3 days before passing it to me. Dry fit dry fit dry fit, THEN assemble. Loctite could be another option as you'll have ample working time. Assemble flat in the ground for best results, but remember you'll have to get screws in thev4 mounts! I dry fit and took pictures, then temporarily mounted and marked all my holes. I used much higher quality anchors as well but then disassembled it totally. And started at my mounts and built the structure out piece by piece as I would any other industrial pipe fitting job i ever did. Remember, there are no UNIONS so each piece fits to the next, if you TIGHTEN a length if pipe into one side, it's going to UNTHREAD/LOOSEN from the other. That's just some quick advice but you'll enjoy the finished product. I also sprayed mine with 3 coats if MATTE CLEAR ACRYLIC(can) to waterproof and make sure ut lasts in the humidity of a bathroom setting. But matte clear goes on all my indoor wood project for a durable finish, easy cleaning, and a solid/non porous surface finish, quick, cheap and simple. Have a good one! Happy new years VEVOR!!! THANKS AGAIN + AS AKWAYS ILL BE BACK SOON!!
Leigh Leigh
Great shelf
Quality of shelf was great! Great price as well. It looks great in my living room. I would highly recommend this product
Mary E Pearson Mary E Pearson
Love the new display
Loved everything about it, but def need two or three helpers to hold and hang
Sheila Toner Sheila Toner
Love the shelves, they are perfect behind my bar. They are well constructed and goes well with my decor.
Lenwood Lenwood
We’ll build I haven’t used it yet
Ingolf Ingolf
Nicole Reed Nicole Reed
Good product for the price
Loving it. It is exactly what I wanted to see in that space. Great price for this use.
bronx bronx
Great for the price
Would have been 5 stars but the smaller plank is a bit split. (See pics)It has aluminum piping nice and solid. The wood is good cheap wood, same as if you were to get it form the local hardwood store cheap clearance section. So as far as pricing would be about the same with wood pricing on the rise.I was looking for something that could fill the space in a corner section of my living room but everywhere i looked they were small book shelves or bathroom shelves. Not these shelves you need lots of room and the depth is perfect. This will most definitely make a room look and feel different.Now as for installation, the Instructions are mainly pictures of steps by steps which are kind of easy to follow once you know all the pipes and their sizes, But it comes off like something of a puzzle that you have to put together.Which brings me to the last part of the installation for when installing the last elbow.It is best to install the wall mount and pipe section to the elbow then press it against the wall, use a maker to make your markings then uninstall elbow. Now drill your holes Insert drywall anchors, then re-install the pipe and elbow wall mount configuration and drill you're screws in then. Also if you can have a second pair of hands makes things a lot easier and a good pair of gloves for all of the pipes you'll have it install.
Maria fernanda mandujano espinoza Maria fernanda mandujano espinoza
No tiene especificas instrucciones de ensamble
La calidad de los tubos no es tan buena , pero ya instalado se ve bien le doy 3 estrellas por la calidad de los tubos y al apretarlos como que o aprietas mucho o lo dejas poco flojo , no se si yo no lo se armar pero eso es lo que senti al apretarlo

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