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VEVOR Large View Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Arc Tig Mig Grinding Welder Mask

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Large View Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Arc Tig Mig Grinding Welder Mask

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Customer Reviews

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robert a. carman robert a. carman
Helmet head strap
The helmet itself is great but the head strap is not very well suited in my opinion the adjustable part is very flexible and wont stay were you set it i had to replace it with one i had on another helmet
Cheryl Davis Cheryl Davis
Well worth the money
It has several settings for your tint. The wide view is very nice and it was cheaper than most welding hood. My husband is very pleased with it and a vevor arc welder.
Stoyan D. Stoyan D.
A must have for hobby users!
Great welding shield!
The Idle Hands Workshop The Idle Hands Workshop
This is like a dream come true for an old welder like me, these didn't exist when I started out welding and this hood just makes life so much easier with the auto darkening. It's also great for grinding as well and the settings on the side are easy to use and memorize if you bounce back and forth from welding to grinding a bunch.
Will Smith Will Smith
Shade tree welder. I do like this welding helmet. The view area is large and bright. The darkening system is responsive and easy to adjust. The suspension system fits well, the helmet is fairly light and it's comfortable to wear. I have had zero issues over the past few months and it seems robust. so 5 stars from me.
Drew Drew
Large view AD helmet
Crystal clear view (take off plastic on both sides!). Good fit, and have got tons of compliments on the cool colors. Definitely would buy again!
smee smee
first mate
I like the hood it works great. The headband not so much can be hard to put on . Oh well that's the price you one cancels out the other.
Kevin Franklin Kevin Franklin
Quite pleased
This welding helmet does everything that the description says. The adjustments provided allow the welder to do most every form of welding. The view is exceptional! The helmet is extremely light weight and the headgear comfortable. I would definitely purchase this helmet again
runlevel6 runlevel6
Overall good helmet
The Shell: What you need to know about this helmet is that it is a small helmet with a big view. That does not mean it is for small heads, it means it is intended to be better for tight areas. People with particularly large heads may find raising the helmet all the way up to a comfortable upright position may be limited. Being a smaller shape helmet also means that more reflection and room light may make its way into the helmet. The Headgear: The headgear is actually nice. It has a large back pad that covers the back bottom of your skull and feels comfy. Another bonus of the headgear is that, unlike some other helmets, you can adjust the forward / back position with the touch of a need to completely loosen and choose a different slot. The only downfall of the headgear is that the tilt stop adjustment is only on one side...I always prefer it to be on both sides just for a more positive feel. The Glass: The lens is nice. True Color, large view, 4 arc sensors, and all adjustments are on the outside of the helmet...some people like that some don't. The battery is also easy to change, and replacement clear lenses are easy to find. Overall it is a nice looking, comfy helmet.
Wade Wade
Vevor auto dark welding mask
I finally have had a chance to use this welding mask. I works very well. The suspension of the helmet takes a little time to set up to make it feel right. All in all a good product for the price.

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