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VEVOR Toe Jack Lift 5T 10T Hydraulic Machine Toe Jack Lift Air Hydraulic Toe Jack Proprietary Heat Treated Steel

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Toe Jack Lift 5T 10T Hydraulic Machine Toe Jack Lift Air Hydraulic Toe Jack Proprietary Heat Treated Steel

Customer Reviews

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Pansy Pansy
General Manager
Awesome product. All the Vevor products we have purchased have been great prices and great product for the money. We will definitely be ordering again.
Ken Mtl Ken Mtl
Great jack
Bought this to lift a garden shed. Worked like a charm and was perfect for where my vertical access to structure was limited. The price was right and from my initial experience should last a lifetime if cared for properly. Very pleased to say the least
Candido Hernandez Candido Hernandez
The quality of the product is excellent. The price is also good. The packaging is not really the greatest. It arrived a tore up and missing the regulator key. I am very happy with it.
Rich S Rich S
These jacks are used to lift the end of OR surgical tables for hydraulic feet/castor wheels service. We used brute strength and 6x6 block in the past, making for an unstable, potentially dangerous situation. These jacks rise to right at 7 inches giving us plenty of room for servicing these 700+ lbs tables. I would highly recommend it for heavy lifting with minimal height on the jacking surface.
Timothy Paul Timothy Paul
This is a nice toe jack.
I was going to make a bottle toe-jack but just don't have the time. This was reasonably priced. I am happy with this purchase. I like how the pump handle can be rotated at any position. Thats a nice feature IN MY OPINION
Scott Farnham Scott Farnham
A good toe jack for the money. Only complaint is the lifting "toe" is quite thick at about .8". It prevents getting under something that has less clearance. Use of a stronger material could improve that significantly but would also increase the price. I was still able to use it to successfully and easily lift, move and lower my 3500# engine lathe. I would recommend this toe jack.
Peter Peter
I bought this jack to level out my 3, 40ft. shipping containers. They are all full. I used to use 2, 3 ton jack's together when they weren't full. But now, that was impossible. This thing lifted the whole back end of one and the only problem I had was the 6x6 block that I had the jack sitting on got pushed almost all the way in the ground. I had to keep putting spacer blocks under the jack. I could literally lift the whole thing up with one hand on the jack it worked so well. And, this was on the toe portion of the jack. This is one heavy duty jack and I do recommend it.
Matt Matt
Good unit
Used once so far and no issues. Paint damage during shipment but only cosmetic. Hope it holds up well with no problems.
Gribbs Gribbs
The Man
This jack did the job for me. It lifted my 3500 lb lathe on to the skate dollies with no problem. I would recommend this jack.
Aubrey A DeWert Aubrey A DeWert
Very nice ,but ,heavy I thought about 30/15 ton? But would be heavyweight to carry. Thank you for my last order.

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