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VEVOR 1.1Gal Water Distiller, 0.3Gal/H, 750W Distilled Water Maker Machine 0-99H Timing Dual Temp Display, 304 Stainless Steel Countertop Distiller Glass Carafe Cleaning Powder 3 Carbon Packs, Red

Customer Reviews for VEVOR 1.1Gal Water Distiller, 0.3Gal/H, 750W Distilled Water Maker Machine 0-99H Timing Dual Temp Display, 304 Stainless Steel Countertop Distiller Glass Carafe Cleaning Powder 3 Carbon Packs, Red

Wine Red

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So far, so good--great product. It was a challenge figuring out how to assemble the pitcher handle and how to effectively use its spout--but now that I've figured it out--works really well. I'm happy and so glad I made this purchase.
C. C. C. C.
An almost perfect machine
So much care was taken to develop this perfect machine, and it does a superb job of pumping out pure water. That being said, I must wonder why they went so cheap on the water collection urn handle. Not only was it extremely difficult to fasten to the vessel. And why did they leave that up to the user to attach anyway? I'm guessing to cut the cost of production. Once I got it on, I could not trust it to hold the weight of it while the vessel was full, so I took it off and use it with no handle. That works fine for me though it becomes a bit clumsy in use. I would have loved to have given 5 stars, but I cannot ignore their foolish decision regarding the water collection urn handle. I give them 1 demerit in hopes that they'll rethink their production decisions.
Matty E Matty E
Baby soft skin
I’ve been using this water now for a couple months and my skin is literally baby soft. Highly recommend this
Clean Water Clean Water
Highly Recommend Purchase Clean Water + Vevor provides immediate support
Purchased in Nov/22 Clean water without issues - 3 gallon everyday. 6/23 the Distiller stopped Powering on. Contacted support and was sent video instruction to easily replace fuse with backup fuse contained within the socket housing - no need to open unit. Great design other distillers have fuse in the unit that is soldered to wiring. Great product and support.
Cathleen Cathleen
Came perfectly packaged and quicker then expected. Very easy to understand instructions, the handle a little hard to get on but managed. High quality construction. Overall very pleased with my purchase. I use to make hydrosols for my Apothecary business and might consider buying two?
Happy Customer Happy Customer
Love This Distiller!
I was tired of buying distilled water from the grocery store and the inconsistent availability. Enter Vevor distiller. So easy and convenient to use. I brew 3 gallons every day and use the water to make ice cubes. Whole family is drinking more water daily. I bought a second distiller to have in case something happens to the first one. I won’t be without it! Crazy the amount of gunk that is removed from our hard and softened well water. Cleaning is simple and looks brand new after. Just don’t use any metal or abrasive items to clean. Thank you Vevor!
Gary Gary
This was shipped and received on time. Problem is that the packaging had serious water damage (this was NOT recent water damage) and inside the box, it was moldy. the chemicals were unusable. I was able to clean us use the Distiller, but I should have been notified as to the condition of this BEFORE it was shipped to me.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Having a built-in timer is great
I picked the VEVOR distiller out of the dozens of nearly identical clones because of the built-in timer. Being able to have the distiller shut itself off before it boils dry makes clean-up so easy - the mineral deposits from my hard water are still wet and soft, just dump the water residue, add a little citric acid and fresh water, scrub with a plastic brush for a few seconds, rinse, and the pot looks brand new. Very happy, overall.Not to say it is perfect.The touch controls are almost too sensitive - I added an external cutoff switch after several times accidentally turning the distiller on by brushing against the control panel.The spout on the carafe is too broad and shallow, making it really difficult to pour from the carafe without making a mess - you have to pour quite slowly and gently. Assembling the carafe handle to the carafe really requires 3 hands - thankfully, you only have to do that once.
DeeLee DeeLee
Works, but...
This distiller does work, but there's always a couple of inches of water left in the distiller, which I have to pour out every time. Other than that, it seems to work well.
John jones John jones
Handy way to make your own water
Very helpful unit and save not having to make weekly trip to store

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