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VEVOR Garage Storage Shelving, 2 Pack, 6 x 2 ft Heavy Duty Garage Shelves Wall Mounted, 1600 lbs Load Capacity(Total) Garage Storage Rack Floating Shelves, Suitable for Shop, Shed, Garage Storage

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Garage Storage Shelving, 2 Pack, 6 x 2 ft Heavy Duty Garage Shelves Wall Mounted, 1600 lbs Load Capacity(Total) Garage Storage Rack Floating Shelves, Suitable for Shop, Shed, Garage Storage

6 x 2 ft

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Mark Mark
Product purchaser/installer
Shelves were just as expected. Installation instructions were clear and the install template was very helpful. Would highly recommend.
Bob  Flynn Bob Flynn
Easy to assemble and install. Very satisfied with the quality of the product Would recomend these to any who needs good sturdy storage shelves.
Suresh Suresh
The best product
D.C.T. D.C.T.
Works as described, easy assembly..
Sturdiness and easy assembly.
Oksana Clark Oksana Clark
Be prepared to be frustrated BUT here is how I did it ! Hope it helps you.
First let me start by saying I am a contractor.It's clear the manufacturer never installed this system as supplied.The Vevor 2x8 shelving as shipped comes with concrete fasteners and not spaced for wood stud installation (see photo). I adapted and installed on studs by myself; however, the product is 2+ inches shy of 8 feet so you won't hit studs.Yes a helper would have made it easier but not simpler. Mostly a helper would have made it easier for picking up the tiny screws and nuts and anything else that I dropped.There really are no directions but mine came with a faded assemble page. Forget about seeing details. I assembled over a course of 2 days to allow me time to think how best to install it. Total installation time was about 6 hours. If supplied correctly with directions, It should have been no more than 2 hours to complete.I used (3) 3/8" lag bolts 3 1/2" long to install the back brace. Left side centered on a stud. Center one went in at an angle in order to hit the stud. The 3rd one I had to drill through the steel brace to be centered on another stud (washers added behind the brace on this hole). 3 lags bolts have plenty of sheer weight strength for this system.MY cables are 70 inches long. I have no idea where you are supposed to install those and not have to modify. (Unless your goal is to hang them below your knees.) The cables are fixed and are not adjustable unless you invest more time and money for fittings to do so.How I compensated for the 70" cables. One side I used an EYE Bolt in the ceiling and the end attached to the 2x4 top plates on the wall using (3) 3" cabinet screws with washers per side. The other side I used an S hook to stretch it from the garage door RAIL frame and then to the 2x4 top plate.NOTE: If I were to install again, I would install a 2x6x10 and anchor it to the studs and then I would install their system to the 2x6. But still using lag bots but maybe only 1 1/2" in length.Once finished it does as it is intended.difficulty insta
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer ,
Sorry for the inconvenience has caused to you .

You can contact customer service for support, and we are always working on improving product quality.
Any questions,welcome to contact us !

Best regards,
Tom Hammond Tom Hammond
Needs Better Assembly Instructions
Good quality product, no need to spend more money. The assembly instructions leave something to be desired. I also wish that the cable length was adjustable.
J Ricker J Ricker
Great affordable space saver!
Before attempting to install I recommend a 2x3 ledger strip which will fit perfectly between the brackets and the back of the platform. Also purchase cable clamps prior to installation as you will need to adjust the cable length. It seems very strong. I'm storing winter tires and seasonal items with no problems. The look great too.
Brandon S Brandon S
Great for the price if you can make it work
Instructions are not great as many others have noticed. The support cable is long, so be prepared to get crafty about how you run it if you don’t have a ton of vertical space to work with. Overall good hardware and a solid shelf for a great price if you can make it work for you.
John P. Dougherty John P. Dougherty
Easy to assemble and adjustable
Nice and flat. Easy to assemble. Adjustable for wall stud size.
Amanda Amanda
Like them
I like how they look and I like how much weight they can handle. It was difficult for me to do alone but it is possible. Should have two people to install it would be way easier!

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