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VEVOR Built-in Induction Cooktop, 30 inch 4 Burners, 220V Ceramic Glass Electric Stove Top with Knob Control, Timer & Child Lock Included, 9 Power Levels with Boost Function for Simmer Steam Fry

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Built-in Induction Cooktop, 30 inch 4 Burners, 220V Ceramic Glass Electric Stove Top with Knob Control, Timer & Child Lock Included, 9 Power Levels with Boost Function for Simmer Steam Fry

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Nili Uribe Nili Uribe
Great product
Just as described. One of the few that I could find for 110v. Great price and great deliver/packing
Calbee Q Calbee Q
Very happy with the performance!!
I was so happy when I got this. It is great to have an extra way to cook or heat foods, I use it in my shop to cook some simple veggies, noodles, quick heating, easy to clean!
DJ Waffles DJ Waffles
Awesome first Impression
Awesome first ImpressionSo far, I have very little bad to say about this cooktop. The pro’s:1) Self-contained unit; may sit on the counter or be flush mounted.2) Elegant design, easy clean surface3) Heats up super-fast. I have never had a cook top that heats up almost instantly.4) Easy installation, just 3 wires. Since I was replacing a cook top, I just removed the old and put in the new. (Probably someone with more electrical experience than me will have something to say about my wiring)5) The user’s manual is actually helpful, easy to read and concise.I was frustrated when I first turned it on because I kept getting an “E” on the displays. The cooktop senses if you have a pan on the burner and if you don’t, then you get an “E”. Learned that from the user’s manual.I made the mistake of assuming that it would fit perfectly were my old one was. That was a bad decision. This unit was slightly shorter and fatter than my old one, so I had to cut the counter on the top and bottom and now I have holes on the side, but I can figure out a way to remedy that.To flush mount, the actual dimensions are 29.5” wide, 19.5” high and 3.25” deep.(The last photo is of the old 1960s cooktop I replaced)
Apprehensive Nerve Apprehensive Nerve
Beautiful upgrade from our old 1980s cooktop!
I took a before and after picture to show what we were working with to what we have now. I LOVE this upgrade! It does fit a little weird. There’s a small gap in the back that we have to fill in, but we’ve ordered stuff to help with that and hope to have it perfect soon.The way you turn it on and off is a little weird if you’re not used to this kind of cooktop. I noticed that you have to make sure your pot or pan is still on the burner in order to turn it off otherwise you get the dreaded E for error.As far as heating it up goes, I don’t notice a difference between this new one and our old coils. It’s about the same. It has a “rapid heat” setting that shows as a P on the dial. It works well to heat up water to boiling. Then it turns to the 9 setting (the highest it goes).I like the built in timer on it. It can be set from 1 to 99 minutes. I probably won’t use it too much because I use Alexa for everything, but I thought it was worth noting.It looks so much nicer in our kitchen. I’m very pleased with my order.
Excellent Excellent
Easy Peasy
This cooktop is definitely priced right, extremely easy to install (did it myself) and works great! It's not quite as fancy as some of the others out there, but for the price, it is an excellent value. It has 9 heat settings, we haven't used anything above 3 so far and the cooktop heats up extremely quick and maintains the heat. Being able to use the lower heat settings should result in using less energy.
J. Gary Thompson J. Gary Thompson
Heats up fast!
It took a while to get around to reviewing this, as I bought two different range tops from Vevor and I had the other one installed first. The first one, not this one, was okay but didn't get very hot very fast. This one, however, is much better. Especially the center double ring. If I had one negative thing to say, it would be that for some reason, the power cord comes out on the front side of the unit. So if it's mounted above drawers it's going to give you a hard time.
Bill Bill
Purchased to replace the gas stove in our camper (a little countertop modification was needed). Just used on a one week camping trip and my wife loved it. Very pleased. Would recommend
Dean Mao Dean Mao
it's cheap, but it works
I owned the 36\" empava induction cooktop before I bought this one, and this vevor is better than the empava. Vevor is a company that makes lots of other random cheap tools so I can see why people might be hesitant to buy, but it does work decently well.
A.Lo. A.Lo.
Great stovetop
We needed to replace an old 36” electric cooktop and found this one at a great price. So far it works great! Very pleased.
rutipz2 rutipz2
No installation instructions
It works well now that I got it installed. I might have made a different decision if I realized there weren't installation instructions. The operating instructions are pretty poor also. Functionally, it's great. I do wish there was more subtlety in the heat settings. There's a considerable difference between 1 and 2. In general, all the heat settings are hotter than I expected. This is my first induction cooktop though, so maybe that's the nature of the beast.

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