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VEVOR Electric Brushless DC Motor,48V 1800W Brushless Electric Motor,4500RPM Controller Throttle Grip Pedal Wiring Harness Ignition Key Kit for Go Kart Scooter E-Bike Motorized Bicycle ATV Mini Bike

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Electric Brushless DC Motor,48V 1800W Brushless Electric Motor,4500RPM Controller Throttle Grip Pedal Wiring Harness Ignition Key Kit for Go Kart Scooter E-Bike Motorized Bicycle ATV Mini Bike

1800 W

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Nicole L Mann Nicole L Mann
Needs to have electrical prints, works for us.
Dislike no electricity prints. This was a custom job used to propell a 1800. Pound tool box. 1 off design of my own. This was designed to drive in an industrial environment. Works perfectly will spin completely around set up on a frame and 6 casters.
Tyler Tyler
Vevor 2000 watt brushless kit
Awesome kit easy to use motor has alot of torque great performance great price fast shipping loving my 48v kit next going to order vevor 72v kit awesome products using them on razor mx650's
mike gibson mike gibson
Awesome Motorkit worth every penny
This is a great product I used it in my Uber scoot 1600 and I'm usually getting 30 Mile per hour and I'm 200 pounds. I wish it came with better instructions it came with none that's my only gripe about it. Truly is a great product had no problems with it yet I was submitted video shortly
chris chris
good product
It does not come with a chain where do you see a chain in the picture ?Good product
George Knoll George Knoll
Very Happy
The 48 volt 2000 watt motor, controller, and handlebar throttle came fast by FedEx. I installed the unit on a 3 wheel trike. The bike had a place I thought might accommodate the motor. The project took several days . I had to make a plate and secure it with some bolts to the frame. Drilled holes in plate . The Double D sprocket that comes from china will need replaced with a #25 or #35 by 10 tooth double D sprocket so you can match it to another Sprocket on the axel of the bike. That way you use a #25 or #35 chain to run your trike. It takes some engineering, time and you would save almost $2000. As electric trikes are expensive. I purchased a 48 volt 14Ah lithium battery from eBay delivered for less than $200.00 . I was a grain farmer in the south, so working with things like this was not to difficult. Many trips to hardware store for bolts and nuts. I purchased a 3 speed switch from Amazon . I do not have a speedometer but I am sure it goes over 25 mph . Powerful motor. You have to ease into the throttle as the torque is powerful. I purchased a controller cover/box from Amazon to protect the controller. Takes a large one. The box can be secured to the bike with clamps, like what you would use on a hose, but much larger. It took a lot of time but at 77 years old , I have enjoyed the project. In my case a 70 tooth sprocket was needed, but there was no room so I placed a Jack shaft between the motor and the axle. This requires 2 chains and sprockets. It can be done. Good luck. God Bless.
Carl Collins Carl Collins
Superior quality hardware
I converted a gas scooter to electric and it runs like a dream with the 1800 watt Vevor motor. No more mixing gas and oil mixture and no more struggling to crank every spring season.
Dimkaa Dimkaa
Great install on razor mx650
Had installed 3 of them already on mx650 razor not much modification is needed only to remove motors 2 washers and put the bolts back on everything else is plug and play.
Dylan h. Dylan h.
Pretty good
I made a custom mount to put this on a mountain bike. To be honest it's all rigged up and looks trashy, but I'm to blame for that. This is a really beefy motor that'll spin up real fast. However it's doesn't have a lot of torque. If your going to put this on something that propels a human(I assume you would), then your going to need a really low gear ratio to get moving. You'll loose a bit of top speed but this motor is so fast I wouldn't worry about it. I like that it has many optional wires on it for things such as lights, reverse, different speed levels, and more.
It works
I did test the unit and it does spin, no wiring diagram but there are images and tips on YT if you search brushless speed controller. You need to use a jumper or on/off switch on the connector marked "lock" I would also recommend using a 30 amp switch on the + side of the battery connector.
Scott M Scott M
Excellent upgrade
Worked well to upgrade the motor on a razor electric dirt bike. Arrived on time and everything worked well. Happy customer!-SM

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