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VEVOR Drain Cleaning Machine 50 FT x 3/8 Inch, Sewer Snake Machine Auto Feed, Drain Auger Cleaner with 4 Cutter & Air-Activated Foot Switch for 1" to 4" Pipes

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Drain Cleaning Machine 50 FT x 3/8 Inch, Sewer Snake Machine Auto Feed, Drain Auger Cleaner with 4 Cutter & Air-Activated Foot Switch for 1" to 4" Pipes

Customer Reviews

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Kenneth Kenneth
Meat market
Awesome machine and easy to use. I like the self feeding and retracting feature This machine does a lot more work and is half the price that I paid for a Ridgid. Thanks
Emagic55 Emagic55
Home owner
Every Thanksgiving is the time when kitchen drain slows down and clogs. I rent for HD and snake my self. Was tire of picking it up and dropping back off. So I got this. Quality is no rigid, but faily decent. Look forward to using it. Attachment looks ok, pipe scraper is a bit awkward. Will have see how that holds up. Lighter that rigid. The handle is simple to fold up and down. Have not use yet but I will the moment I see a slow drain. Overall fair price, looks like it will do the job. Test run seem good, motor looks solid. Nonetheless, good to have and save a ton, from plumbers fee and HD rentals. Oh and the gloves that came with it, throw it away.
Mason Hillard Mason Hillard
Saved money
Worked great! The price was also less then having a plumber come over and clean it even once. I've got no experience plumbing or running a drain snake, but it took about 10 minutes to figure everything out and get it running smoothly. It's very beginner friendly.
jose tirado jose tirado
Amazing Machine
Good construction, it does the job without some extra effort. I love this machine. Recomended A+++++
Alfrieta Bennett Alfrieta Bennett
Easy to use.
I am thankful for this product. We have a home for homeless ladies and often have to call a plumber because they flush items down the toilet that should not be flushed. The cost of a plumber twice, pays for this product. It was easy for my husband to use and he is teaching me how to use it.
Wendy Wendy
Well made piece of equipment easy to use gets the job done very dependable easy to store when not needed
Eileen Lacy Eileen Lacy
Save hundreds using this electric snake
We paid a plumber $400 twice within 8 months to unclog our sewer pipe from the house to the street. About 60'. The third time we clogged we purchased 100' Vevor electric snake along with a Vevor 100' sewer pipe scope. About $600 total. With the scope we found the clog, and with this 100' Vevor sewer snake unclogged the pipe. Someone has been flushing lady stuff down the toilet. That problem hs been solved! Of course the plumber never told us this was the problem. He said roots were the problem. He could come every 8-12 months to clean out the roots, or dig up and fix our PVC sewer line. $400 every 8-10 months or a few thousand Pipe \"fix\", what deal. We now have the tools to see and fix any problem like that again. Great purchase and actually very little work to figure out the problem and fix.
Great buy
Saved 100s clearing my own drain line with this machine. Highly recommend for anyone who is handy.
Chris Sell Chris Sell
Owner Paradise Home Services Charleston, SC.
Great quality and price, very beefy and has worked great. Different then what I wass use to running but I like it, first job with it was good. Like the fact that it comes with several tip and extras. I would absolutely buy it again
Paul Paul
Worked great.
I've never used a drain cleaning machine before. Was a little nervous thinking about what could go wrong. Following the directions I took it out of forward when it hit resistance, then back in forward when the resistance was gone. It was easy to use and worked way better than I was expecting. I ended up removing a large amount of tree roots from my main drain line. One more drain cleaning and it'll have paid for itself...

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