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VEVOR 15 Ton Hydraulic Knockout Punch Driver Kit Hole Tool 1/2"-4" with 10 Dies

Customer Reviews for VEVOR 15 Ton Hydraulic Knockout Punch Driver Kit Hole Tool 1/2"-4" with 10 Dies

2 mm Stainless Steel 15 Tons

Customer Reviews

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Axo Axo
Must have tool for electrical work. 10x better than hole saws.
Money well spent on this great tool! Glad I bought the 15 ton version. An indispensable tool for electrical work punching holes for fitting in enclosures and wireways. Definitely beats getting a bunch of big hole saws and making mess on the job site. Punch held up well, cuts are clean and accurate. Did purchase and extra 1-1/2" die from AliExpress since I was cutting a lot and on tight schedule, but the dies that came with the set held up very well. Quality of tool was heavy duty but have to mention that the little stabilizer leg on pump was a bit too flimsy. Didn't affect my use since most of the hole I had to punch was above any ground support. Overall, a must have tool for electrical work. Have to mention that the tool shipping was ingenious using honeycomb cardboard box. Very compact box that was perfect for such a heavy tool. Well done!
OzarkChris OzarkChris
Less than the price of a Klein 2" punch!
I have a Greenlee set but it only goes to 1 1/2" conduit. I needed 2". I looked at Greenlee and Klein and as an example, Klein wanted $55 for just the punch side ($78 for the base). I've bought several Vevor items before and all of them (from exhaust fans and heated towel bars, to stove hoods & welders) have performed better than any item at their price points. This item was no different. FedEx delivered this today (2 day shipping!) and I used it this afternoon. I used a step drill for the 1/2 inch (27/64 - 11mm will work but will be tight). Normally I would use the slugbuster for the first hole, but I wanted to see how this set worked. The good news is that even with only two points, and no buster ridge, the 1/2" worked wonderfully. Better yet, I could not see any wear points. The 2"/60mm worked just as well. I'm not sure how long the parts in this set will work, but from what I've seen so far, I believe this was a very good investment and would highly recommend it!
PSC Scram PSC Scram
great price for a large punch/knockout tool
cuts through metal electrical boxes like butter
The Dude The Dude
Initially it worked great, one of the threaded adapters bent and threads stripped. But other than that it works. No spare parts are available, you have to find those yourself.
Duane McMahan Duane McMahan
Cut through 3mm steel with no problem. Used 3/4" and 2" punches 80 times each and they are still in great shape.
Joshua Joshua
I do everything
Works right out of the box, does a great job for conduit holes. I made a set of (3D printed!) dimple dies, it runs them nicely too.
Jeremiah Jeremiah
Overall good product. Would recommend to buy. The only thing is the hose fittings are fixed and dint swivel. But talked to a hydrolic company and they say she to the pressure swivel fittings can't be installed. That would be one feature I would like to see improved.
Scott Scott
Priced well works well
Equipment came in perfect shape and has performed admirably. Hard to beat for the price
jvanwagoner jvanwagoner
Exactly what I ordered!
Great value for the price! I’ve used it several times, and it works perfectly!
Johnny seales Jr Johnny seales Jr
Hydraulic knockout
Perfect just what I needed

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