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VEVOR 3/8" Top Bar Thick 1/4"Thick Skid Steer Bobcat Plate Quick Tach Attachment Mount Plate

Customer Reviews for VEVOR 3/8" Top Bar Thick 1/4"Thick Skid Steer Bobcat Plate Quick Tach Attachment Mount Plate

Customer Reviews

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Chad Strander Chad Strander
Very Happy
This is a very heavy duty plate I totally recommend it
Craig Irvine Craig Irvine
Nicely built, heavy & good quality! However I have the same issue that has been pointed out in other reviews, the size of the hitch.
Mike Mike
As ordered love these plates their is only plate that is welded is top plate. The sides and bottom are 1 piece that halve gone through press brake that’s why I buy all my skid loader plates from vevor
ben ben
Good plate. It works with some tweaking
This skid steer plate gets used daily. First off I would like to say this would have been a 5 star review accept for two minor issues. The hitch pin was not a standard 5/8" hole. Second I was expecting a standard 2" or 2.5" hitch reciever. The item is actually a 3" reciever. After a bit of work to the hitch pin hole and finding a reasonable adapter, I am able to move my 40' trailer around and anything else I need to turn around in the yard.
Jt Jt
Works well
Wish I new it came with 3inch reciever hole
David David
Like the price and quick delivery. Wish the description was more expanded- ie. the receiver is 3" (actually just a fraction smaller} so adapter/new hitch may be a surprise purchase! This will see plenty of use! No regrets.
Jerry C. Jerry C.
Read the reviews
If you don't mind the slop it's great just wish someone would figure out how to make a hole either 2" or the full 2-1/2 other then that it's great
Not bad, but one "oops"
This attachment is very well made, well powder coated and overall it's great- with one exception:The reeiver tube on this unit is supposed to accept 2.5 inch impliments. There are two things wrong-(1) the I.D. of the tube is exactly 2.5 inches. It would have to beat least 20 thousandthsl arger, 0r you will find that no steel tubing or bar that is 2.5 inches O.D. will fit into the tube.(2) there's a weld bead on the inside of the tube that the manufacturer never ground off. That means the vertical cimension is now 25 thousandths less than 2.5- which means I either have to destroyy the inner powder coating on the tube and grind that bead off (which is a giant pain) OR I now have to grind a groove in every one of my impliments to make them fit. That coupled with the fact that the tube really is too small to accept ANY 2.5" square stock, makes this thing pretty useless without having to modify everything I want to use it with.Im going to grind everything because I really need this plate this weekend- I dont have the time to send it back, get a refund, and buy another from someone else.So this is just a "buyer beware" review.Hopefully the manufacturer will see this and fix any future ones that they sell
Didn't try it out yet but I believe it will do the trick..

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