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Takedown Recurve BowSet 24LBS Archery BowArrow Adults Youth Shooting Practice

Customer Reviews for Takedown Recurve BowSet 24LBS Archery BowArrow Adults Youth Shooting Practice

Customer Reviews

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22 Review(s)
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claudio f lopez claudio f lopez
We us this bow for L.A.R.P.
We can't complain. It was money well spent.
Lexus Hall Lexus Hall
great for the price !
i bought this item a few years ago and it still is very sturdy. For the price of it its great for beginners and training purposes but not heavy hunting.
Vegan for Life Vegan for Life
Well built product.
Great customer service.
Rickey Rogers Rickey Rogers
Great for beginners
Great quality for the price. Great for beginners. Only down side was the assembly instructions were hard to follow.
Robert Robert
Great adult starter bow set
I didn’t like the string alignment
Dee Dee
Very happy
Great value. Great quality. Great fun!
Mandogurl and Grey Warden Mandogurl and Grey Warden
Arrow rest disintegrated on first arrow.
Overall this would be a good bow for someone learning to shoot. Can't attest to the performance because the arrow rest flew off the bow on the first shot and we lost part of it.
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer ,
Sorry for the inconvenience has caused to you .

You can contact customer service for support, and we are always working on improving product quality.
Any questions,welcome to contact us !

Best regards,
Tia & John Tia & John
Great starter kit
Bought for daughters Christmas present hasnt been used or put together yet as Christmas is still a few weeks away but I did open the box and inspect everything. I am definitely happy with this purchase the quality is good and the quiver is better than expected. I can'r wait for the girls to try them out they have wanted these for years.
RogueSommelier RogueSommelier
For The Money
Much of what I have to say about this set has been covered in other reviews. I will start with the recap first. I have no problem with this set. Just know that you are buying (in my case) a 79$ set and compare that to name brand high quality bows.Note: The limbs had a bit of shift in them event when tightened down. I bought sticky back felt at Michael's and wrapped three sides of the limbs and it tightened everything right up. I will install string silencers and shock absorbers in the near future. Riser... Down Right Decent. I wish the grip had some cushion to it.The Limbs... Serviceable though a little sloppy in the socket. FixedThe Rest... I did not install, and bought a new rest at my local Archery ShopThe Arrows... unimpressive, but what do you expect for 79$. Update 11/3/21 the arrows are too flimsy and the slip on heads create a ridge that are hard to extract on bag targets.The Quiver... is not great, but ok for getting someone startedI actually really like the bow string setter and the allen key set was a nice surprise.I can not talk about the sights as I did not install them... always shot open sight.I bought this bow as a loaner bow to shoot with friends. I hope that I might find more commercial limbs that fit as I have not found these limbs for sale on Amazon.I recap... for 79$ there is more right with this set than there is wrong. A great starter bow. The Bow alone is worth the money. 11/3/21 update... still loving this bow for the money. Just buy different arrows.

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