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VEVOR 220LBS Pull Up Dip Station Power Tower Station Multi-Station Power Tower Workout Pull Up Station with Carry Bag for Home Fitness (Black Red No Bag),pull-up-bar-2

Customer Reviews for VEVOR 220LBS Pull Up Dip Station Power Tower Station Multi-Station Power Tower Workout Pull Up Station with Carry Bag for Home Fitness (Black Red No Bag),pull-up-bar-2

Red No

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Arthur Arthur
Wrong part. Not clear assembly instructions
Idk if my item just came missing with instructions, but there were no concise instructions. 1 of the bolts came in the wrong size....not sure ir it compromised the integrity of thr structure. Probably won't buy from vevor again. Good price tho considering
Shanti Shanti
Solid and heavy weight
The frame is sturdy and foldable, but not light weight by any means. The cross bar is too high for Aerial Yoga swing but you can work around it. Overall it is a very good product, sturdy and worth the price. Shipping was fast and all the part were intact and so far a good company to deal with.
Karli Crittenden Karli Crittenden
Bought this for my kid, he loves it! Easy to break down and store as well.
wareagle wareagle
Just enough
My son and I are looking to become proficient at pullups. I had considered building an aframe in the back yard but found this, and for less than the cost of parts we have a useful and adjustable pullup frame! Two things I would change, however: The bolts are too long and stick out loosely from the assembly, and the adjustment is quite complicated; requiring disassembling bolts rather than a pin lock, which would have been nice.
Alexander Lang Alexander Lang
Cheapest and Best
Works well for pullups but not gymnastics. Don't swing on it. ......................................
Jay Jay
Works great as intended
Has no manual so assembly requires a little bit of brain power, if you don't have that it's your fault
Red Red
It does not have assembly instructions for set up, so hopefully you can figure that out for yourself. I think it will be plenty sturdy for my needs, as I do pullups, and muscleups, however my pull up station is not foldable unless I undo several bolts every time I want to move it. Perhaps this is what the company intended. There are no instructions that come with the pull up station so good luck figuring it out. Because of this, as long as you do not have to move it around a lot, I would recommend
Kyle Kyle
For the price YES but... Be Aware
YES this does what it does. Couple things to be prepared about. Directions are not really part of this, you will have to figure it out yourself, the paper they have doesn't say much. I used the pictures on the site to refer to for a good amount of how things look. Has a very potent lacquer like smell that is very strong and you may need a rubber hammer, pillers since the powder coating can fuse some of the pipes.
Antonio Antonio
Excellent customer service.! Very helpful for any need and exceptional professionalism. The answers were quick and conclusive.!
KBrown KBrown
Worth the $
I will start off that I am so pleased with this pullup bar, and customer service is exceptional! With that being said, I did have a few issues (reason for 4 stars). Originally, my package wasn't picked up and I had to contact customer service. Once it arrived, the nuts and bolts were missing (I found a video on YouTube of a guy that had the same issue). I had to contact customer service again. It took about 15 days, as the missing parts came from China . There are NO instructions, but they include a diagram with numbers that correspond to the parts list. It's pretty easy to put together, and I did it by myself. There are a couple videos on YouTube that are helpful too. It is good quality and sturdy, for the most part. I am able to do kipping movements and butterfly pullups, BUT I had to raise the bar, to really widen the base, so it wouldn't come off the floor. I also found that if you move the two connecting cross bars UP to the higher bolts (where you lower / raise the bar) it becomes sturdier and the whole thing won't move as much. A taller person wouldn't be able to do this, but you can always just weigh it down. IMO, you don't need the second (lower) pullup bar. I didn't install it on mine and don't feel like it's necessary. It is easy to use and fold up, and it really doesn't take up much space.

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