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VEVOR 1100W Magnetic Drill Press with 1-1/2 Inch (40mm) Boring Diameter MD40 Magnetic Drill Press Machine 2810 LBS Magnetic Force Magnetic Drilling System 670 RPM with 11 Pcs HSS Annular Cutter Kit

Customer Reviews for VEVOR 1100W Magnetic Drill Press with 1-1/2 Inch (40mm) Boring Diameter MD40 Magnetic Drill Press Machine 2810 LBS Magnetic Force Magnetic Drilling System 670 RPM with 11 Pcs HSS Annular Cutter Kit

Customer Reviews

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Gerald Stanley Gerald Stanley
Great drill
I bought this to drill holes in the chassis of my off road truck to mount brackets. 1/4” thick steel and it had no problem making a perfect hole. I highly recommend this drill. Use your common sense when operating this equipment and you have no issues. Some reviewers very critical of the lack of an interlock but if you take your time and look at what you’re doing it’s not a problem. Great purchase and very useful tool.
Vinito Vinito
I just received this drill today, so I can't speak to longevity. That said, if longevity was a huge priority on this I would expect to pay $1,600 or more and this suits my budget MUCH better. I will say that the drill is VERY solid construction (much better than expected) and yet operation is still very smooth. I've several times used a very popular brand seen on YT all the time and that one has excessive wiggle and rocking on the vertical track, but this Vevor one has none of that. Very nice. The weldon socket fits the tools very well, i.e. not loose - this one is very concentric in that regard. Both boring tools and even the drill chuck ran very true and I could not detect any runout at all by naked eye, so is much better than most tools of this type that I've used. Whether that's luck or something else, I'm very happy about this. The electronic speed controller takes a second or so to catch up with itself if you push it enough to slow it down (not what you'd normally do), but that's typical of electronic controllers and I prefer this type to primitive "get what you set" variable speed. Speed range is VERY useful (pretty much slows to zero) and reversing will come in handy. All the switches and knobs feel smooth and solid. There IS a magnet/motor interlock!! Thus you can't start the motor if you forget to switch on the magnet first. Also, if you accidentally switch off the magnet while the motor is spinning, it switches the motor off automatically. Important safety feature! Surprised NONE of the online info on the drill notes this fact. The drill is GOOD, but this item's listing on their website needs help. The features are very nice. The only thing I wish it had was a quill lock since gravity keeps wanting to lower it constantly making it awkward for changing tools and such. It's not terrible, just a bit annoying. Mine did NOT come with the "quick change" tool collar as the pictures show, but I'm actually glad about that because the typical set screw arrangement this one came with is simple and reliable. I don't change tools on mag drills often enough to need quick change anyway. So technically a dropped feature, but for me that was kind of a relief since I was skeptical of the reliability of a quick-change collar thing. One less thing to go wrong. Another feature that is never mentioned is the positioning of the drill body along the vertical slide is quick and easily accessible. None of that disassembling stuff some mag drills have. Loosen a hex socket screw on the side, slip it up or down, and snug it back down. I like this. Long story short, I really like this drill so far. Drilled a few 1/2" holes today for something I'm building and really it worked great. Operation is very smooth, has plenty adequate power (both magnet and motor) and a pleasure to use. I like it! Photo shows the 1/2" jobber length drill chucked in the thing. Does this with about 3/4" to spare. Awesome.
Dean Long Dean Long
Lead Fabricator and Mechanic
This drill is a great deal, drills very well and has an extremely strong magnet. I have used it to drill through 1in plate down to 11ga. I have even drilled holes with it upside down, great product
jim jim
Great product. I would definitely recommend but don't forget the extra bits! The Mag Drill Press cut through 1/4 steel plate with ease.
Jim Francis Jim Francis
Extreme Drilling
Why have I not gotten this drill earlier in my life? Used my new drill immediately with the best results possible. Easy to use, awesome results.
bob bob
not enough magnetism when drilling poles. magnet gets hot to quick. not enough reach. to short stroke
Greg Greg
This is a great tool, It's the first big perches I made with you. I've been buying good tools at great prices since then. Thought I had a problem with the machine when running the bigger bits. When checking found out the drill was made metal gears and not plastic for a change.
Wendy Wendy
Great, except auto cooling
Units works great except the lubricant doesn’t automatically flow
Todd Walker Todd Walker
Bought this to keep on my service truck. I love it. It's light weight, and came with the Jacobs chuck and metric bit set, (wish it had came with standard bits). None the less, there is no magnetic safety to deal with on this drill, unlike some of the name brand, high priced drills. This drill is plenty strong enough for the small fab shop or out in the field. Great product, fantastic price! I highly recommend it.
Carlos Jose Ordoñez Carlos Jose Ordoñez
Good drill but has no tap option. I made a mistake in the order because of promotion of bits included

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