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VEVOR Diesel Heater 12V Diesel Air Heater Muffler 8KW Diesel Heater with LCD Thermostat Monitor & Remote Control for Car Trucks and Motor-Home

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Diesel Heater 12V Diesel Air Heater Muffler 8KW Diesel Heater with LCD Thermostat Monitor & Remote Control for Car Trucks and Motor-Home

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John John
Reasonably priced
The price drew me to this thinking it might be more economical to heat my garage than the 5000 watt electric but with diesel running over 4 dollars a gallon makes it a wash since 2 gallons only last about 13 hours. Nice unit though
ChefMike ChefMike
EXCELLENT is all I can say! Very powerful Very Hot, Excellent Air Flow, Great Diesel Usage. As hot as the 8KW model!!!
Christopher Kurtz Christopher Kurtz
Healthcare Professionals
This heater is awesome and simple to use! It puts large amounts of heat out and very little fuel used. Highly recommend!
Ken Ken
Installed in our school bus motor home. Works great and burns the fuel slow. Love it!!
David Ross David Ross
This heater surpassed my expectations. I use it alot in my work shop. However only thing I would like to see is a 110 wall plug in option.
Otilio Torres Otilio Torres
It works great it warms up the food truck right way it’s easy to install and easy to turn on 100% recommend
George George
Excellent product
I bought this item last fall but due to other obligations I was not able to use it until recently , wow did it work great, I love it and it is very efficient. I highly recommend it.
Zameer Zameer
This heater was relatively easy to install. and works well. I bought my first one from an Amazon seller last Summer and installed it in September sadly after several months of daily use it began to smoke profusely out the exhaust upon start up and finally it would no longer complete the start up at all. Because I have limited space and this fit perfectly for my application I ordered one directly from Vevor. It has been working well so far, however it has begun to occasionally smoke as well. So far this has not stopped it from fully starting and running well. I really like it and it has kept my boat warmed well over a difficult winter so I hope it keeps working well. It would be great if this could support a thermostat.
Tom Tom
I have so far test ran this heater for a few hours and it is working fine. I like all of the features of this heater most important was the altitude compensation. It did come with an issue I had to fix though. The fuel line was kinked where it left the fuel pump. There is not a lot room so pretty easy to see why it kinked. I replaced the line with some 5/32 Tygon tubing and installed a spring over the tube to control the bend radius and prevent kinking.
Lee Villarino Lee Villarino
I love this diesel heater. Used it three times already during winter. You can adjust the settings to your desired temperature. The dry air make it more suitable for my rooftop tent to avoid condensation. Recommended to my friends and they, too love it. Thank you!

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