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8t Machinery Mover Kit Machinery Mover Smooth Steel Machinery Mover Equipment

Customer Reviews for 8t Machinery Mover Kit Machinery Mover Smooth Steel Machinery Mover Equipment

Customer Reviews

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Craig Craig
Shop owner
I’ll purchased these Skate dollies for my home hobby workshop. I use them for moving my mills and lathes around. They work great easy to use for just one person.
Seaside Seaside
Quality, easy to use
Had to move my lathe and these made the job so much simpler than just using an engine lift and pushing it around with the lathe swinging. Simply lift it up enough to get these rollers in and then position the lathe exactly where you need it with minimal effort. Well worth the money for the added safety and ease.
Did the job and would have rated higher but the dolly wasn't assembled tightly, and all the ball bearings came out into the box which had a small hole in 1 corner. Yes, it was missing a couple of bearings. Fortunately, I have 3 of this dolly so I could rob a couple of bearings from my previously purchased Dollys. I got the job done but I'm noticing packaging issues lately both from Damage containers and mis=counts of supplied parts. Your customer Service needs some help as when I call, they say their sorry repeatedly but want me to take photos, provide numbers from directions and parts lists that are horrible quality and illegible. Then say they can't help me till I jump through the hoops. I've worked in customer service positions for 50 yrs. plus have run my own business for 48 yrs. I highly recommend you keep in mind that customer service is not just an expense It's what keeps customers coming back ! Just my thoughts Dan D@S Performance and Custom Parts inc.
Jonathan Jonathan
I used these to move refrigerator cases up to 5 doors long. They worked great for the last couple of feet after removing my rol-a-lifts. The only negative I have is that they can fall over at certain angles due to the casters.
Ok for the price.
Decent value if you’re on a tight budget. These will require some work to make them safe to use. The central shoulder screw is inadequate and the ring of loose ball bearings under the top plate needs some sort of dust seal.
Randell Randell
Plant Manager
These came exactly as described and worked perfectly for moving my HAAS SL20 lathe around in my shop.
Joe Joe
We use these to move fire pumps.
I am glad I found Vevor on the internet, I was going the Grainger and overpaying for equipment. These skates are sturdy and seem to meet their rating. The construction is high quality. The price was better than comparable brands.
Archaic and Retired Archaic and Retired
Moves heavy loads with little to no effort
I use these skates to move our 27 ft, 8000 LB, boat throughout the garage. I have also used it moving my 7,800 LB truck. It’s a simple idea for challenging relocations. Use them often
Rick Rick
If you have large machinery, you need these items. I had a set of car dollies previously and thought my mill isn't heavier than my car so they should be fine. Nope, they broke in a few minutes. After receiving these, I moved my mill with no problem. They made easy work of moving my 1.5 ton lathe around. I wish I had gotten them sooner.
Ray Ray
Works very well for moving large machinery. Works better with each successive use due to learning curb. Could use a rubber or cloth pad on the swivel disk to increase grip against the machinery.

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