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VEVOR Folding Table Cart Black Table Rack for 60" Round Tables Heavy Duty Table Trolley Black Desk Trolley Steel Frame Rolling Casters Party Event Hotel Furniture 10 Table Capacity

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Folding Table Cart Black Table Rack for 60" Round Tables Heavy Duty Table Trolley Black Desk Trolley Steel Frame Rolling Casters Party Event Hotel Furniture 10 Table Capacity

Black 10 Pieces

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CustomWebProgrammer CustomWebProgrammer
Sturdy and well-designed - holds 48 of our VFW chairs
Assembly took just under an hour. It is helpful to have a cordless impact wrench - use a 13mm socket. But if you don’t have that, hand tools are included. In all, there were 42 screws I believe. Each part and hardware package is well-labeled, and the directions were clear without going into excessive detail. Once assembled, this rack fits *exactly* into a full-sized pickup truck! The large wheels help it roll well. Our VFW has just been stacking chairs against the wall, so this is a huge help for my local post. For the chairs we have, 8 fit per arm pair, and there are 6 pairs of arms, so 48 chairs if used only for chairs. For the tables we have, 3 fit on a side - but then you cannot put chairs on that side. We really wanted it for chairs, but the versatility is nice if we just want to put away a few tables and corresponding chairs. Sounds like we might need two more of these great racks!
EmTo EmTo
Heavy duty cart
This folding table and chair cart is really heavy duty and really heavy on its own, but with load of chairs and tables especially so wheels are super helpful and for such heavy load the wheel they have are doing great job to roll it smoothly and make it feel much lighter than it actually is. It had to be assembled, but the assembly was not hard and all the parts seem to fit well to make the whole structure very sturdy. It functions just as advertised and I was able to fit my chairs and table on it without any issues. I also really like the included bungee cords to secure my load. And on top of everything they even added the cover to make the whole package pretty much perfect. I am very pleased with my purchase and will be gladly recommending this cart to others.
Sean Chiccino Sean Chiccino
nice little dolly by vevor
we have lots of vevor tools and theyre an up and coming brand that has not disappointed us yet. we have many of their automotive tools and other shop items and theyre great. i had never heard of this company before amazon and im glad i found them. the dolly is good. quality is good and it looks sturdy. feels sturdy and we made a custom rack for it to dolly all kind of stuff, not just chairs by adding a flat bed to it. great cart.
Random User Random User
Heavy duty dolly.
This thing is rock solid! The metal frame of the dolly feels very sturdy and durable. Looking at the dolly, I thought it would be difficult to maneuver around, but was pleasantly surprised when I tried to move it. It was very easy to manipulate and move the dolly around. It’s design to carry large heavy objects while also being super maneuverable at the same time. My favorite feature about this dolly is the pair of lockable wheels. This is amazing! It makes it so much easier to handle, especially if you’re moving things by yourself. The ability to keep the dolly from moving around while you load or unload things onto or off of the dolly is really helpful. Although advertised as a folding chair dolly, it works with whatever you want to put on it. The included straps make it easier to keep large or irregular shaped objects on the dolly. This is a great heavy duty dolly for moving anything you need.
Chris Tsutsui Chris Tsutsui
Store and move folding chairs
Strong construction, wheels roll smooth under a heavy load. I used to work events at a large hotel and although this isn’t industrial, it’s fine for residential use and fits 16 might lite folding chairs perfectly. Gone are the days when I ask for help from several people to move chairs from the shed to the chow area. I just roll this puppy myself and have a helper unload. One gripe is the wing screw doesn’t align to go through the holes for the arm bar attachment. To get this to fit perfectly I’ll probably need to drill the hole through the bar a little larger. For now it still works, it just needs a touch more quality control. Also, the wheels are a tad small so this will not roll well on dirt or grass. But for textured concrete patios it rolls fine.
Candice Candice
Great Brand
Love the brand on this. Very durable. Perfect for party planning and storing away. Easy to assemble. Easy to maneuver. This can be rolled right in to the trailer.
Tamiko Jordan Tamiko Jordan
Lightweight but Sturdy
This chair dolly is much lighter in weight than I thought it would be. Still, it is rather sturdy and holds 12 chairs well while still maneuvering with ease. There is very little assembly so it is quite simple to put together. The price is really decent too. To save space when not in use, the dolly also folds up...great idea.
megan l hanley megan l hanley
Works great for moving items
It's easy to fold. the appearance is nice. The quality is great it weight just right and not heavy it's a good price. And comfortable to use
OldLadyWhite OldLadyWhite
This Is MORE Than Just A Chair Dolly! Must Have!
This L-Shaped Steel Storage Cart is far more than a place to store chairs! I loaded 6 Banker Boxes onto this cart, each one full of heavy stuff, and the cart is still easy to drive! The wheels turn 360 degrees so you can make a sharp turn with the greatest of ease! There are brakes on the wheels so you can keep your place by using them! I love this cart & I believe you would love it too! Hope my honest review helps you!
Crystal Crystal
If was easy to put together. Love the wheels I am only going to use it to stack chairs on. The cover that comes with it is easy to put on. The rack is heavy duty. I bought one and then ordered another.

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