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VEVOR Folding Table Cart Black Table Rack for 60" Round Tables Heavy Duty Table Trolley Black Desk Trolley Steel Frame Rolling Casters Party Event Hotel Furniture 10 Table Capacity

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Folding Table Cart Black Table Rack for 60" Round Tables Heavy Duty Table Trolley Black Desk Trolley Steel Frame Rolling Casters Party Event Hotel Furniture 10 Table Capacity

Black 10 Pieces

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Dan Dan
Good catch
I'll start by saying that I don't use this haul chairs around. I instead repurposed it to be a display for items I sell. Some things to note - this thing is very heavy. So if you're looking for something you can just easily roll around, this isn't it. It moves, but it takes some work. That being said, it was very easy to get put together, and it seems like it's hold up very well also. I'm not gentle on things like this, and it hasn't shown any signs of quitting yet! I'd recommend it as a chair holder, or as whatever you may repurpose it as!
Christine M. Christine M.
Very sturdy.
Talks too much and displays delusions of adequacy Talks too much and displays delusions of adequacy
Sturdy and durable
Good quality
ShiningHiker ShiningHiker
heavy duty and sturdy rack.
This rack is a heavy duty rack. It rolls on castor wheels with ease, even when filled. I bought this to use for hanging clothing and accessories on, so I can’t attest to how well it holds chairs and tables together, but it works great for clothing. It is easy to assemble and break down and takes about ten minutes for one person.
kttiekat kttiekat
almost 5/5
We have needed sometime for our party chairs allowing us to put away quickly or move to another location. This works great for us and recommend this highly just ours has an issue with the brakes and some rust in the welds.
Jason Dragon Jason Dragon
The quality is good
It works just as promised, and I had no trouble fitting my chairs and table on it. The bungee cords that are given to secure my cargo are also incredibly great. To make the entire product nearly flawless, they even placed the cover on top of everything else. I'm happy I bought it, and I'll be happy to tell others about this cart.
Tania T. Tania T.
Study and rolls easily
Utilized this rack for storing 4x8 plywood and 2x4 studs. Very study and rolls easily with all the weight. Makes moving lumber easy for a girl!!
Lori Leal Lori Leal
Lifesaving for events that require fold up chairs
If you’ve ever been in the events business, whether as an events planner, server, cool or some other capacity, you know the pains that are the folding chairs. I’ve had countless leg bruises from lugging them in and out of a space, two at a time. I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time asking anyone I could find to please help carry and set up/fold up chairs. Chairs are not optional for large events so it’s a must to find an effective way to get the job done, and that’s where this cart comes in. What an absolute lifesaver! This bad boy boasts a twelve chair capacity. That’s twelve chairs that can easily be rolled in and out of the space for easy set up and easy break down (aka storing them away). That’s six times for each load that I don’t bruise up my legs by having to carry them… at all. I’m SOLD and the reality is even better than the description. It’s easy to maneuver even at full capacity! Let me say this again… Lifesaving for events that require fold up chairs. One more time, but louse for the folks in the back… nah, you get it. Seriously, your legs will thank you. You need this chair carting dolly if you work in the events world. Thank me later! :)
D.T. D.T.
Sturdy strong storage system for tables and chairs
A must have if you regularly host events/parties. A neat party solution since you can wheel this away into the garage after each use. Strong heavy metal. Took us 15mins to assemble it when it first arrived. But with this, our garage looks less cluttered and tables and chairs neatly stored away.
Stefan Stefan
Does the job
I use it for different types of chairs, but it does the job, chairs stay stable, and you can wrap them with bungee cord that is included.

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