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VEVOR Alcohol Still, 3 Gallon, Stainless Steel Alcohol Distiller with Copper Tube & Build-in Thermometer & Water Pump, Double Thumper Keg Home Brewing Kit, for DIY Whiskey Wine Brandy

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Alcohol Still, 3 Gallon, Stainless Steel Alcohol Distiller with Copper Tube & Build-in Thermometer & Water Pump, Double Thumper Keg Home Brewing Kit, for DIY Whiskey Wine Brandy

12 L

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Chuck of All Trades Chuck of All Trades
This equipment has saved me and made me a ton of cash.
I Love This Still!!! This is the most easiest piece of distilling equipment to use. This is my first time using a distiller and i was totally successful. I have made infused water as well as different types of Moonshine. Easy to setup as well. Feel free to check out my video.
Nestor Nestor
People loved , making favorite alcohol drink. Our customers are completely satisfied and they refer more potential customers.
Jim E Jams Jim E Jams
works great
Super easy to set up, easy to use. Ran a vinegar cleaning run the day it arrived, and ran a brown sugar rum about a week later. I don't use mine as a fermentor but it comes with everything you need to ferment and distill. Gets pretty hot during the run. Great value for $100.
Sherry Rockfield Sherry Rockfield
Purchased as a gift, son is happy w/it. Getting goods together for his first run. When he let's me know how it came out I can give better review. All parts & pieces were in pkg. He enjoyed the recipe book & hints.
sawyer45306 sawyer45306
Small and compact
I haven't had a chance to use the unit yet, but was exactly as described in the description. If you are seeking a small at home unit to do small projects, this unit should fit the bill.
Eric Carson Eric Carson
Works great for distilling water and price was good quality was good overall I am very pleased with my purchase
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Good for the price.
Had to replace the O rings on the connector lines, leak both times I ran it. Might have to replace the connecter lines all together from the thump keg and condenser. Still a good deal for a beginner.
Blindsighted_Angel Blindsighted_Angel
Bobby boucher a.k.a Bobby bushay would like this
Was never fond of my tap water but now I can make my own distilled water. As bobby would say \"Now that's some high quality h2o!\" I feel like the lid let's out a lil bit of air (maybe the 4 latch system?). But no other leaks I'm aware of. If u need to know, then u need a #18 and #22 wrench to snug up stuff. A lil wonky getting bendable hoses in position (second pair of hands would come in handy). I suggest snipping 1 inch of hose off and taking that small copper tube and slide it in the 1 inch hose piece and then slip onto threads inside the thumper relieving side. Cut more hose for extension of water spout if needed.
Brooks Brooks
It arrived in excellent time. Even though someone had dropped or kicked the box hard enough to punch a hole in the side of the shipping box the size of my fist, it was packed well enough that there were no dents on it; not even a scratch on the still. There were some extra small, replacement silicone seals which I really appreciated. It was all very easy to put together even without instructions, but if this sort of thing is new to you... you should read the instructions. I heated quickly, and performed well. Negatives: Some of the hose connections leaked a little. Tightening them more may resolve the issue, but that will likely damage the seals if done repeatedly (but there's extras). You do need to watch the water volume on the condenser. If you're not careful it may run over on you. There are valves to adjust the intake and output on the condenser, and they are there for a reason. Use them. My only real complaint is that the silicone gasket for the thumper is *way* to small to be of use. I doubt it was designed for this still, but rather I suspect someone put the wrong size silicone gasket into the box when piecing it all together. I've been using various stills for nearly 30 years, so hear me out. If this came with the proper thumper gasket, I'd give it 5 stars for sure. If they send me the right gasket, I'd still give it 5 stars, 'mistakes happen. No big deal.
Charles Richard McCray Charles Richard McCray
8 gallon
Nothing wrong with this one absolutely love it happy with this one would recommend to anyone l8ve using it

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