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VEVOR 50 Ft x 1/2 Inch Drain Cleaner Machine Best fit 1”(25mm) to 4”(100mm) Pipes Drain Cleaning Machine Portable Drain Auger Cleaner with 4 Cutters Electric Drain Auger Plumbing Tool (50Ft x 1/2In)

Customer Reviews for VEVOR 50 Ft x 1/2 Inch Drain Cleaner Machine Best fit 1”(25mm) to 4”(100mm) Pipes Drain Cleaning Machine Portable Drain Auger Cleaner with 4 Cutters Electric Drain Auger Plumbing Tool (50Ft x 1/2In)

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Big Mike Big Mike
I used this to unclog my mainline at my home. The issue I had was roots in the drain pipe and it was 70 feet out. This snake worked well for the job and has paid for itself already. The only down side I have found is no splash guard but if there was, it would probably be harder to get to the line in the drum if needed. Overall good buy.
J Smith ( purchased March 2023) J Smith ( purchased March 2023)
This machine ... with safety, knowledge and patience in hand... you just can't go wrong. I searched and compared before I purchased. Open face, well built cable 75ft x1/2in.... auger tip nice...cutters ok...spade tip too small for me. Made one slightly larger. Took on the job much faster than the one that came with it. Snaked my 4inch 50ft sewer pipe. My only hangup...the gloves that came with it are not fit for this cable. (Wrapped my gloves the 1st 4 turns). When I used my suede gloves it didn't happen once. Other than that ... rookies use the closed face machine.Think safer. Great machine. I 'll be buying a larger one later for more power and longer reach jobs. Please use (good quality gloves )made for snaking drains.
Vunder Vunder
370W 75ft x 1/2 inch Drain Cleaning Machine
This machine worked great for me. I've been renting these machines for several years and half the time the rentals don't work right. I checked years ago and the least expensive machine I could find cost $600 to buy. I wish this was available when I first started having trouble with my sewer line (4 inch pipe). I have fine roots in the line every winter and the cutter attachment included with the Vevor did the job. I ran the machine on and off for 3 hours (lots of paper to get through before the roots), and it ran like a champ.
carl carl
nice piece of machinery, work really well because i needed to snake out at least 50' of sewer pipe and this snake was good for 75'. Only problem I had was I fed the cable in too fast and it jammed up and wrapped itself around my left hand and did something bad to my hand. Doctor said nothing broken and the hand will heal itself in a couple of months or so. The good news is I unclogged the pipe; with the price of the snake and the doctor bill I saved a little over a hundred dollars versus paying a real plumber.
Jim Horman Jim Horman
Great machine, fast delivery and techs have been using effectively since getting. No negative comments from them, so it's getting the intended job done! Thanks Vevor for providing a great product at a fair cost.
Johnny Johnny
This bad boy was sitting on my front porch when my neighbor came home. He moved it for me. It's got some weight to it so I had to share that to say, let your neighbors know not to sweat it because most thieves aren't running off with a heavy piece like this. The auger itself is not huge and many other pictures in other reviews will show you that. It is steel cable in wrapped in a steel coiled wire. The whole thing seemed like it may fall apart due to how things are kind of loose fitting. After using it, I can say that it is not going to fall apart. There is a plastic cover that goes over the belt and the pulley that it sits on. Once it is past that, the belt wraps around the drum and that is what turns it. The wire it self is pretty sturdy and is very dangerous if you don't use it properly. The start and stop switch is a foot pedal. Be sure to put it in a place you don't accidentally step on if you end up having to move from feedback from the wire. Due to the pipe height entrance and the location of this auger, I had many instances where the cable got wrapped up on itself and I may have damaged it as well. That is not a hit on the auger, just an fyi for those looking at it. The auger comes with everything advertised. I went to many places and they all wanted a LOT more money for the same tool. So, price for value was amazing. The auger feeds out through the metal hole. You attach your attachment to the pipe with a pin that locks it in, then pull some out and feed it into the pipe. Don't leave too much out between the auger and pipe. Turn it to run the proper direction and watch as it slowly feeds into the pipe. It feeds very slow and you may need to help push it along at times. The different attachments due a great job in cleaning out a pipe like I needed. Prior to using the auger, my pipe would drain 30 gallons of water into my basement at a time. One pass with the auger and I could get those same 30 down, albeit, in a slower than typical and controlled manner. Once I ran the auger through some more, with the correct attachment, I now have a clean drain pipe that I can use for a few more years before I will clean it again. Likely with this same auger. When you are done, you pull the whole wire out and clean it. That's another great part of this thing. It is really easy to pull the wire out and just as easy to get it back in. Depending on your needs, I recommend you buy Vevor sewer camera. It saves you some serious time in picking the right attachment and verifying the Auger work.
Phillip Smith Phillip Smith
Worked great, let the hair flow haha
Had a drain that had stopped up for about 2 weeks. Got this item and in about 30 min........CLEAR. Worked great, let the hair flow haha.
John Doe John Doe
The gloves suck, machine is good.
The gloves included are a trap, they will RIP your fingers off using this machine. Get welding gloves or latex, and it is awesome.
Charles and Laurie Lewis Charles and Laurie Lewis
The provided gloves are not designed to use with an auger!
I bought this auger because I was spending a lot of money renting so my wife said “just buy one”! The auger is powerful and works great. Sadly, upon my first job the provided gloves got caught in the auger which subsequently caused all kinds of problems including the auger kinking up in three places. I now need a replacement snake and have reached out to the company. No response! I just wrote to them a second time today hoping to find out how to get a replacement part for the kinked snake!It’s good quality! I was impressed with the power and ability of this tool!!WARNING!! DO NOT USE THE PROVIDED GLOVES!!! They are not designed for use with an auger and are made of substandard material that can easily get snagged and bungled up in the snake. I nearly busted my hand with the snake “bit the glove” and began wrapping itself around my hand!!!!
Ryan Ryan
Works as advertised
Cleaned out driveway drain pipe

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