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VEVOR 50 Ft x 1/2 Inch Drain Cleaner Machine Best fit 1”(25mm) to 4”(100mm) Pipes Drain Cleaning Machine Portable Drain Auger Cleaner with 4 Cutters Electric Drain Auger Plumbing Tool (50Ft x 1/2In)

Customer Reviews for VEVOR 50 Ft x 1/2 Inch Drain Cleaner Machine Best fit 1”(25mm) to 4”(100mm) Pipes Drain Cleaning Machine Portable Drain Auger Cleaner with 4 Cutters Electric Drain Auger Plumbing Tool (50Ft x 1/2In)

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Waycool Waycool
This did come a day later than expected, but it was still a couple of days faster than another site that was selling it for less. I wish there was a place where I could’ve given instructions where to put the box, because the box was in the front of my house but I’d rather have it delivered to the side door that I use as my front door with the ring doorbell on it also. The front door is 10Ft from the busy street. Amazon has additional instructions for delivery, this site should too.
Henry J Aube Henry J Aube
Successfully cleared drain. Like a professional roto-rooter. Saved a ton of money not hiring a plumber or drain professional.
Cherish Carter Cherish Carter
Logistics and transportation
The product was received, the logistics was fast, and it arrived the next day.
Mark Lawrence Mark Lawrence
packaging issues
The packaging is tight, easy to use, the material is very good, and it can effectively solve the problem.
Cameron Halsall Cameron Halsall
After-sales service
The item is more perfect than I imagined. I am very satisfied with my purchase. The after-sales service is also very patient.
BuckeyeFan442 BuckeyeFan442
Good Unit, Used carefully it should last a lifetime
Used to snake a 3\" cast iron basement floor drain that shares kitchen sink and washing machine discharge. When the drain gets slow it backs up from the floor drain when the washing machine drains. I've had to snake this line once a year on this rental property when it gets slow. Finally I got this machine (50 ft 1/2\" cable manual feed, no wheels) and used it for about 2 hrs yesterday. I started with the spade bit which gave me some improvement, I then used the small cutter and got a bigger improvement. One time I pulled it back I got a handful of roots which was satisfying. The machine is reasonable well made and looks like it should provide a lifetime of occasional use. The key is to always keep a hand or two on the cable so it doesn't flip around too much. You can well when you are hitting more resistance because the cable twists a bit in your hand- just a bit but you can tell when its working harder. If you hit something tough feed slowly and let it grind it out. Go back and forth many times with water running. Sometimes you may break away junk and it will start to clog up downstream and that means you need to run it all the way out to clear it out. Eventually it will be flushed away. I was able to discharge the washing machine fully while blasting water in to a utility tub nearby so for now its cleared. As an engineer I have some comments for improvements and a suggestion users: 1. As other said, the rubber coated gloves can grab and get your hand twisted up in a scary way. Happened to me once then I switched to heavy leather gloves. The rubber can grab when it its dry cable. I would not include gloves if I was the manufacturer. 2. Some of the bits have the correct thickness aluminum to attach to the cable (see attached pic of the cutter mounted on the end of the cable. However, the stamped steel tools (large cutter and spade bit) have the wrong thickness being a bit thin. When you tighten the screw it can bend the cable aluminum gap so the oth
Nathan True Nathan True
Check the snake before use
The snake came from the factory loaded backwards. The snake should run counter clockwise, if not you need to change it before use. Ran about 20ft before I noticed it was already a mess.
Russ Russ
It worked
I only used it once but it worked and worked quickly. The gloves are junk. Don’t use those. Go get some leather and operate the machine with care. This thing could rip an arm off. It’s also pretty heavy so get one on wheels. I’d probably recommend it. It got the job done when nothing else did.
Liz Liz
Great Buy
We have a restaurant with real old pipes. This auger has already saved us $100’s. If your willing to do it yourself this machine works real well.
chris chris
this machine is a beast!
In the Denver metro, where they practically charge us to breathe, I've been paying ~$230 every year to clean out my old home (1959) sewer line. In 1 use I've practically paid it off. Worked great - but be aware that setting 1 is the one to use for going in and out. 2 reverses it but you shouldn't use it for extended time when pushing or pulling. I either missed that point in the manual or it wasn't clearly noted. Once I figured that out I was Handy Manny! Thrilled with my purchase.

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