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VEVOR Pressure Pot Tank 2.5 Gallon Paint Pressure Pot 10L Stainless Paint Tank with 2.0mm Nozzle Spray Guns and Paint Hose (10L 2.0mm)

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Pressure Pot Tank 2.5 Gallon Paint Pressure Pot 10L Stainless Paint Tank with 2.0mm Nozzle Spray Guns and Paint Hose (10L 2.0mm)

Customer Reviews

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Lee Lee
Great for painting garage doors
I was looking for something that I could use to paint both of my 16' garage doors and didn't want to roll or brush them. I looked and found this paint sprayer. Wow! Saved me time and effort. Was easy to adjust and sprayed on the doors evenly. Turned out looking great and with no brush or roller markings. Changed the color from a light color to a dark brown and only took one coat to cover. I did tape off the trim because it does have overspray but not a lot. Would definitely recommend for the ease of use and easy cleanup. Is quite durable as well.
Idaho Chad Idaho Chad
This pressure pot is amazing for the price!
I bought this specifically for the pressure pot for resin crafting custom tail lights. It is heavy duty, high quality and with a couple accessories like a pressure gauge and 3D printed feet for horizontal use, it was perfect for my application. I can't vouch for the sprayer itself as it is still in the box unused, but it seems to be of acceptable quality as well.
Cyril donkor Cyril donkor
Business owner
Very good and works well that's all I can say so if u in the market for anything like this tey this one
Michael F Devlin Jr Michael F Devlin Jr
Craft business owner
Great for what I needed! Exactly what it says it is. Extremely worth your money. I modified it to make a pressure pot for casting epoxy resin projects..
Mac Mac
Pressure pot tank
An excellent quality tool and very reasonable price. I have not used it yet but I have tested it .Thanks
matthew d brodeur matthew d brodeur
I use it for stabilizing wood as a pressure pot
It works excellent with the cactus juice for stabilizing wood. I also use it for making resin pen blanks.
selena geary selena geary
Nice kit for beginner
A nice kit for a beginner to use on models. Very quiet compressor also.
Bumba000 Bumba000
A great pressure tank
Bought this tank to use as a pressure tank for curing casting resin. It shipped quick, arrived quick and works great
Tom mcdaniel Tom mcdaniel
Pretty good buy
Happy with the overall product Not sure how long the clear plastic hoses will last They dont seem very durable But we will see I would buy it again
Alien of Northern MI. Alien of Northern MI.
To much Time,, Not Enough Paint Damm ax vylw
I started right around, 8:00am. I have two Five Gallons of stain. Once we started to spray the fence. That I thought was our's. So I started on the side that was really all fence. Nice and Smooth, on Both side's. It was 1-1/2\" inches apart. You could Not see through that 1-1/2\"inch space. Because on my side of this gap was another board. It Looks Cool, because my side of the fence had also a large gap of 1-1/2\"inches, and on his side it Close this Large Gap. By the time we all spray his side and the backside of the boards on my side it took 5 Gallons and a Quarteer of the one gallon can. Started to spray my side and the back side of his front boards. Heard his car pull into his driveway. Thinking he would not leave it there due to the Fact he knew we were spraying towards the East from the west. So after about a half an hour. Here he comes outside from his back door. Screaming what the Hell are you doing to my fence you dumm assed ?? Well it's spring time, and it Looks like it really needs the stain freshen up. Sure but Look how much Darker and Looking so Much Better on Your Side. That's Because this side is still Wet Silly. He can call us so type of D

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