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VEVOR PEX Tubing Oxygen Barrier - 2 Rolls of 1/2 Inch X 300 Feet Tube Coil - EVOH PEX-B Pipe for Residential Commercial Radiant Floor Heating Pex Pipe (1/2" O2-Barrier, 2x300Ft/Red+Blue)

Customer Reviews for VEVOR PEX Tubing Oxygen Barrier - 2 Rolls of 1/2 Inch X 300 Feet Tube Coil - EVOH PEX-B Pipe for Residential Commercial Radiant Floor Heating Pex Pipe (1/2" O2-Barrier, 2x300Ft/Red+Blue)

Red-and-Blue 2x300 ft 1/2 inch

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mdbluemax mdbluemax
purchase for in-slab floor heating, easy to use contractor had no issues. no kinks no leaks and easy to install
Robert thayer Robert thayer
Worked the same as the $600 roll I typically buy!
I have been using pex and pert in concrete radiant applications for years. I paid $600 for a 1000 roll pert recently and this product is just as good for far less money. Those that have had problems with this product in the reviews I read most likely don’t have experience using product. You have to unroll the coil like a wheel as you go so it lays flat and avoids kinks. I will be buying again!
Samuel Samuel
Works perfectly for PEX plumbing, the copper crimp rings fit very snugly before crimping, and the fittings are a little loose, but with sharkbite brand PEX tubing, its the exact opposite, and you are constantly struggling with keeping the crimp ring in place with that stuff. I used this for hot and cold water line in my trailer house and shop, AND for my air line in the shop at 150 PSI. Been over 6 months and not one single leak ANYWHERE. I will positively continue to buy this stuff instead of at the store.
M M Bailey M M Bailey
Good price and free shipping
The pex tubing arrived quickly and is perfect for replacing old pvc water lines. It's easy and faster to use with no primer or glue--just crimps.
M M Bailey M M Bailey
Great product, great price , fast shipping
The order arrived with cutting tool for pex. This was a nice touch, since it was included at no cost.
Donald Donald
Good quality PEX
Used for an infloor heat project, went in easy. Hope it works when we get the boiler hooked up this winter!
High pressure
This is being used for piping for irrigation water. I bought red because I wanted it to be high visibility so it doesn't get ran over by people mowing the lawns, etc. it's also good for around 150 pounds pressure. Other tubing was blowing out because of the pressure from the pump stations supplying the irrigation system. Internet research says it's also good for more than 50 years if it's buried, so that's another option.
Bill Hollenstein Bill Hollenstein
great price
The price was super
Paul Paschall Paul Paschall
Business Owner
Bargain price compared to box stores. This PEX performs like any other more expensive PEX I’ve used for irrigation mainlines.
L Harvey L Harvey
Thankful we found this!
We needed to run pipe about 1,900 feet to two water throughs for cattle. The thought of 20’ increments of PVC was daunting. We found this product, read the reviews and decided to try it. Overall, so thankful. It was a fraction of the cost. It takes some learning on how to roll it out flat. Don’t let it get ahead of you and untwist itself or it’s a mess. If you’re slow and steady and roll it out backwards and flat as you go, it does great. We’d never used PEX so the crimping to Ts and couplings went smooth. Two on each side! We elected to run it on top of the ground, outside the fence. Reviews and specs says the UV shouldn’t be too big of a factor. Soon it’ll be covered by grass growth anyways. All in all, with the cutter, crimper and rings, it worked well. DO NOT USE THE CLAMPS THAT COME WITH THE PIPE. They are for rubber hoses. No idea why they’re included. Order clamps. Saved about 75% in cost by running this.

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