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Alan hoffman Alan hoffman
Great pump
I've had this phone being used as my pump for my hot tub jets for about a year now, works perfectly still. Very low noise, moves more than double the water of the previous pump I got for $100 at harbor freight
cleopita cleopita
It's 110volt not 220.
I misread the description of the pump, and caused myself grief when I had to rewire the electrical connections. The pump works fabulously, and I am happy with the purchase.
Dawn Dawn
I recommend highly
Really like the great suction power for the pool vacuum and works well with our sand filter once we were able to get the hoses together. We have a 24 x 52 inch above ground pool.
Darren Fleetwood Darren Fleetwood
Good pump for price
Easy to install works good for my inground pool
Maria Maldonado Maria Maldonado
Hope it last more then the other one
I had purchased one 8 months ago. And it was leaking from the start. I don’t know if it was the packaging. The pump was not packaged well when I opened it up. But this one was packed well still leaking it’s my second pump hoping it will last. Has been running smoothly for a week.
Roman. Cisneros Roman. Cisneros
No es tan fácil ponerle adaptador
Seria más fácil con ensambles más adaptables
CareaG CareaG
The pressure is awesome
I like the pressure the pool pump puts out and it's an above ground pool I don't like that I don't have and off and on switch
J. Hardy J. Hardy
Good pump
Great pump but doesn't have an on/off switch. It's a pain to have to unplug it all the time.
larry fraylick Customer larry fraylick Customer
good pump
no problems so far runs quite
Max Max
Very quiet
Its verey quiet

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