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S. McDowell S. McDowell
Very easy to set up and use.
Works pretty good. Great for mounting scopes. And the added handle works good for those 40+ inch pounds applications.
DCWired DCWired
Gets the job done
Comfortable to hold and use. Has soft rubber grip and a contour to fit the hand well. Nice storage case. No recharging required to delay the job.
SueAnn Joplin SueAnn Joplin
Product is as pictured.
Product is as described.
Bobby Bobby
Not the best
Not as good as I expected, should have opted for better quality
Herb Herb
Impressed! For the money?
Overall the best out of 5 some more expensive. The scale is clear and adjustments are easily made, it is heavy, feels solid and the torque limit click is repeatable and feels accurate. The 1/4 drive breaker bar is a nice complement for higher torque ranges, the adapters seems to be made with good material, I have use them several times and they still hold the original shape. This are simple observations, did many decades of mechanical engineering work and for the money you get more or less what you paid for! I would buy again.
Comfortable grip and power.
Very good tool. Handle is handy and stays on bench.
Craig from Idaho Craig from Idaho
A Copy Cat Copy Exceeds The Original!
If I'm not mistaken, this foot-pound screwdriver/ratchet wrench is an exact copy of the one that Vortex Scope company sells for almost four times the money. It is also extremely accurate. (or at least the one I got is). It's very easy to adjust and came with 22 different types of screw heads from torx, phillips, star, square, Allen, to mid-evil looking ones. The most interesting piece is the ratcheting piece that plugs into the top of the handle that allows you to turn the whole thing to tighten it down or loosen it up if you get caught in a corner. It works perfectly!
Mike J. Mike J.
Works as advertised
Great middle of the road option to torque bolts and nuts at lower values. It seems as accurate as my torque wrenches so either both are off or both are right. Its also easy to dial and use. Overall seems like a great product at a reasonable price.
looks like a name brand
I have only used this once on a removable scope mount for my X-sight, 8 scope mount screws and 2 rail mount. 2 different settings, easy to change. Seems to work as described have no way to check against the setting < But the clicks feel close to each screw set. As you see I like it, my first torque screwdriver.
Dimitre G Tomov Dimitre G Tomov
Absolutely great! I was a little hesitant because of the great price but this is genuinely an awesome deal. The tool is well made, easily adjustable, comes with set of bits and a lever. It also comes with a box so I can store it properly.

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