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Melissa Melissa
Excellent product
So far the ice machine has been working great. I run a small restaurant and it provides us plenty of ice. I do take the time to bag some up and put it in the freezer though for our busy times.
Karl M. Dorfner Karl M. Dorfner
Just hooked up the 440lb vevour ice machine and it started making nice clear ice within the first 20 minutes. Had to turn it off until I get a chance to connect a longer drain hose. So far I’m very impressed and satisfied with the ice machine.
Rhonda Kandel Rhonda Kandel
Holds up in my beverage truck. Recommend.
Jessica Ostoyich Jessica Ostoyich
Need floor drain
Works great. Ice production is reliable and keeps up with the heavy demand. Would purchase again
Jin Jin
REAL review for restaurant biz owner
First of all, it is a good machine for the price. As a restaurant owner, I have two problems. One has too short legs. It's only 2 inches, so you can't get your hands in it It is difficult to work with the drain under the machine. I asked the company to replace it with a 6-inch leg, but it was rejected. second. The ice is so thin and weak that it melts easily. If you put ice in it and pour it into a drink, it melts right away, so the taste of the drink changes and it doesn't look good. I tried to freeze the ice thickly, but all the ice sticks together and the strength remains weak. If you are a business owner with no problems with these two shortcomings, I recommend it.
tim newell tim newell
A plus
Love the ice machine works so well and the support staff is great if you have any trouble at all thanks
Michelle Cloud Michelle Cloud
Love it
Melanie Melanie
Love it!
Employees love it!!
sharon phillips sharon phillips
sp ice maker
little small but works great for what we needed s.p.
Allison Well Services Allison Well Services
It makes ice great just have to move the ice to make more ice
Just holds 40 lbs of ice, if not moved the ice afforded. I have drilling rig and service trucks, and helpers love the ice.

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