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Chris Jostad Chris Jostad
Great product
Really like the boxes. Totally sturdy and easy to put together. The reason for a 4 is the package was damaged when delivered and they didn’t have it wrapped inside so the metal cut through and we were missing some bolts.It was a hassle to wait and have some sent so I had to buy more at the hardware store.
Marc Miller Marc Miller
Very nice easy to assemble
Cymando Cymando
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
The plyometric boxes are top quality and the price for all four (4) boxes is unbeatable. I wish they had the higher boxes as well, my clients love them and they are a great addition to any home gym.
Mr Peanut Mr Peanut
Good Value
Great plyo platform!Sits up there with some of the better ones on the market due to its complete metal construction. Whereas others at this price point appear to be full metal, they usually have a wooden stepping platform; this one is completely metal.Its full metal construction makes me feel much more confident when doing weighted step ups or combining the two 18's I have to do landmine belt squats or landmine rows
Mayan Patel Mayan Patel
Used for Home Gym
Easy to assemble. We set this up in our home gym and use for step us. The only negative is that we use the small setup up but you need to remove the other two to access. but for the price is serves it purpose. Does not slide, very sturdy. and will last year
Essie Navejas Essie Navejas
Cheyanne Cheyanne
Good but missing parts
I ordered these for my husband. Value for money is definitely there and while they are sturdy they are not as thick of a platform as I expected. However they are a good buy and work for what we need them for. My only issue with them so far is that they were missing some of the black squares that go on the bottom of the platform so I cannot balance one of them. Hoping to find some that are the same so that my platforms will be balanced correctly.
Ray Ray
Product was received expeditiously and also great quality very impressive. Thank You for a Good Product and Good service as well. Ray Mack
EducatedArtist EducatedArtist
Perfect for my at-home workout space
I don't have a lot of space to workout at home, and everything has to be tucked away after use... and this is perfect for that space!! I also love how sturdy it is - of course I can do step-ups (the reason I got it), but I can also do dips, use it as a modified bench (with DBs), and more. I highly recommend it!
Christmas morning Christmas morning
Check your ceiling height first!
Sturdy. Feel safe. The anti-slip applicators that they provide for you to place on the bottom are important, without them these slide. Measure your ceiling height before buying. I was surprised that in our office the tallest one cannot be used in our normal gym area bc a tall person will come too close to the ceiling; we have another area with a taller ceiling, so we only use the tallest one in that area. I appreciate how these nest together for storage.

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