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Plyo Box

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Add the Plyo Box To Your Equipment For Cardio Fitness

Are you sick and weary of the same old, mundane cardio exercises? Well, it's time to stir things up, revolutionize, and sweat like never before. VEVOR Plyo Box, say hello to a fitness must-have to turn your fitness & exercise regimen into excitement.

The words "plyometric exercises" and "box exercises" are buzzwords in the fitness world, and this is not without reason. They provide heart-pounding cardio that takes heart rate to new heights and muscle endurance workouts. Thus, whether you are a fitness freak seeking to build your body, an athlete in a quest for speed and agility or you want to master the burpee box jump, or Bulgarian split squats to tone your legs and glutes, the VEVOR exercise plyo box is your gateway to explosive power.

Hop on and power your plyometric and box exercises with a VEVOR plyometric box at your home gym. 

Our Plyo Box Collection

To determine the plyo box that is ideal for your workout, you need to be aware of the various types of plyo exercise boxes and the characteristics that set apart each sort of the box. Run through the boxes below:

Wooden Plyo Box

These plyo boxes are made of solid wood. They are preferred for traditional plyometric exercises and are reliable and stable for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

These are strong and sturdy boxes to use for the classic box jumps. They are durable and wear resistant.

Foam Workout Plyo Box

The soft foam exterior in these boxes provides a cushioned landing surface. They are good in lowering the likelihood of injuries in plyometric workouts, hence the common choice among beginners and the safety conscious.

Foam plyo boxes are commonly adopted in physical therapy for healing of injuries. Also, low levels of disturbance during workouts, rendering them ideal for use at home.

Steel Exercise Plyo Box

Made with steel that can withstand the heavy use during intense workouts. These plyo boxes are for advanced athletes looking for a strong base for their plyometric training.

Steel plyo boxes are usually reassembled and ready for use for the end user. These are very flexible plyo boxes used for all fitness levels.

Stackable Plyo Box

The boxes are meant to be stacked over one another. Stackable boxes are also space-efficient and create different heights for multiple exercises.

The plyometric boxes are suitable for different combinations and workouts. Additionally, these boxes are ideal for speed and agility training because of their height adjustability.

Maintaining Plyometric Box

Keeping your plyometric box ensures it is strong for box dips, box step ups, and other exercises. Wear, damage, or loose parts are best recognized in regular inspections. After using the box, ensure you clean it, especially where it is touched during exercises such as the box dips. Ensure that all damaged sections are repaired or replaced because accidents can happen. One should ensure proper tightening of hardware with emphasis on joints under stress during work out. This is especially important if you do box exercises like burpee box jump and bulgarian split squats. 

Make sure that safety padding and non-slip material are tightly fixed to prevent falls, particularly on the surfaces used for box step exercises. Exposing the item to moisture may affect its structural integrity; hence, it must be stored in a dry, temperature-controlled environment.

Things To Look For In Exercise Plyo Box

A workout Plyo box is not just any other equipment but can give your workouts a new twist, improving your heart rate, boosting your strength, speed, and agility. However, in making a wise decision it is wise to bear in mind important points to grab the perfect fit. 


Inspect the type of construction material – it could be wood, steel, foam, or a mix of these. Find one that is durable enough and safe for you.

Size and Height

Find a plyo box that covers the height range required for your workout, which come in different heights or adjustable.

Weight Capacity

Do not exceed weight limits, as doing so may cause structural damage. Make sure that the box will be able to hold your weight or the weight of those who will use it.

Safety Features

Check for safety features such as non-slip surfaces & strong construction to minimize accidents.

User Level

You should select an apt plyo box for your fitness level, whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete.

VEVOR's Plyo Boxes in Spotlight

VEVOR Plyo boxes are not just the ordinary workout tools but they are the culmination of design, durability and safety excellence and are preferred by all fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike. Here are our top picks for you :

12'' Plyometric Jumping Box

Plyo box has a heavy-duty steel construction and is finished in powder coating on the surface; hence, it is durable and rust-proof. The frame's welded part is strong, durable, with a carrying capacity of 350lbs. This 12 inch plyo box is perfect for plyometric and speed drills, shoulders, arms, chest, glutes, and legs. It is perfect for home gym and explosive power. The jump box has a trapezoidal structure, which makes it stable and space-saving. This exercise has a non-slip landing surface and anti-skid feet, making it more stable.

Black Plyometric Box Jump Set

The box jump set has 3 plyo platforms measuring separately 12”, 16”, and 18”. It is perfect for beginners or professional athletes. They are also light enough to stack for easy storage. The ribbed rubber covered jump box plyometric platforms will help you maintain your posture safe and grip on the jumping landings and prevent injury.The jump box plyometric platform is also a regular stool that you can sit on when not training. 

Set of 3 Plyometric Platform Box

Three plyo boxes manufactured from heavy steel with powder coating on its body are durable and rust-resistant. The 3-box exercise box step has a landing surface made of ribbed rubber that has a grip for a firm landing and avoiding injuries. The trapezoidal box platform consists of three packages; 12, 16 and 18 inches. The jump boxes are easily assembled with accessories and can be disassembled when not in use.

18'' Plyometric Jumping Box

The box-type platform has a trapezoidal form and measures 14.3″ by 14.3″ at the top and 20″ by 20″ at the bottom. The design of the upper and the lower sections has created a stable structure while not occupying space for storage. This workout box step is made of steel powder coating, metal top plate and due to trapezoidal structure, box jump is not only stable but also space-saving. Great for both men and women to use in the house or out of the house. A crossfit box is also considered for increasing overall leg strength and power.

VEVOR Stands Prime For Plyo Box. Why?

VEVOR is a smart decision for buying a workout plyo box for several good reasons. VEVOR has built a solid reputation in the fitness equipment industry as a reliable provider of quality products. We have considered your safety and fitness goals with the plyo boxes. The provision of quality products distinguishes VEVOR. The plyo boxes are made from durable materials that resist the toughest workouts. VEVOR's plyo boxes are flexible enough to suit your level of fitness and come in various heights. Additionally, VEVOR's commitment to good service is evident in their great customer support and warranty. By selecting VEVOR for your plyo exercise box, you are investing in quality, safety, and lifelong fitness success.

FAQs About Plyometric Boxes

Q1: Why should you bend your knees when jumping onto a plyo box?

A1: In order to safely land, it is necessary to bend your knees. Box exercises become more joint-friendly if it decreases stress on your joints.

Q2: Can some upper body moves be added using the plyo exercise box?

A2: The plyo boxes are versatile enough for full body workouts. Do try incline push-ups, box dips, or elevated planks on your upper body.

Q3: What do I need to do to prevent the top of my plyo exercise  box from becoming slippery?

A3: Wash it regularly with a mild detergent and water; no abrasives.

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