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John583 John583
I like it it works well
My wife has a KitchenAid and I like to make dough. The problem is making dough on a mixer seems like it's kind of hard on it, so I got this one for me. It is very sturdy it's a good bang for the buck and it seems to work good. What's nice about it is I'm making my dough and kneeding it for about 20 minutes, and the thing has a built-in timer and a digital readout. It has a lot of plastic on it but it seems to be as heavy as the KitchenAid. The bonus is you get a meat grinder and a blender. You can't go wrong with that so far so good. If I have a problem I'll update this review.
Discovering baking
I have used it a couple of times and it has performed great. The mixer is easy to use and assemble / disassemble to clean. It is really worth the small amount that I paid for it, considering the price of some of the other brands. I ensure that I dry the underside of the mixing bowl after I wash it, so it should not have an issue of rust or anything. All in a, with all of the research that I did, l I am very pleased with the stand mixer and my decision to purchase it.
lorri lorri
Love this mixer. It does everything I wanted it to do. The fermentation setting is great, does it on the mixer. Whips egg white in seconds.
Morgan Denning Morgan Denning
Great mixer for a great price!
Let me tell you, I have used many mixers in my lifetime and this one works like a champ! It doesn’t have all the features a kitchen aid does, but it mixes just like one! If you’re cheap like me and looking for a cheap and amazing product, this is the mixer for you! I couldn’t be happier with this mixer. It’s super easy to use and I LOVE that it suctions to the counter to provide extra stability. Love this product and I HIGHLY recommend purchasing it!
Tonya Tonya
Works for me
Im no professional baker, nor a big time baker. It is easy to use. I do wish my old one were still around bc of the settings (this one has numbers so i have to look at the manual to see what that equals) my old mixer said fold, frosting, egg whites, ect. I like that this suctions to the counter top and comes with a slash guard.
Dillon Hall Dillon Hall
My wife loves it.
I bought this for my wife and she loves it. She wouldn't let me spend the money for a kitchenaid and she was reluctant for me to buy this one. But I convinced her for valentines day, and she now uses it every week and is really happy with it.
Michael Aronoff Michael Aronoff
Simple workmanship, easy to use.
frederick joseph geason frederick joseph geason
Exterior Design, looks great.
Looks great and is easy to disassemble.
Berta Mae Berta Mae
Use of products
Easy to clean, easy to use, not complicated at all.
Cliente Kindle Cliente Kindle
Robusta, excelente para batir y mezclar, rápida y eficiente

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