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Larry Larry
Burn Barrel
This burn barrel works great and I was able to destroy a lot of documents containing personal information and know for sure that no one will find it and use it against my wishes. Plus I had lots of short end pieces of wood that could not be used else where after building my new garage that are no longer littering my yard. It worked great, and I found that the rails at the bottom were good supports with screws in the holes at the ends to keep the bottom from pulling down with the weight of the burning materials. I also added 1/2" screening to the bottom and the wind exit side to keep burning pieces to not blow away until they were nothing but cold ash. I highly recommend this burn barrel.
Miriam Nyhuis Miriam Nyhuis
Solid product with a few issues
Heavy steel, easy to assemble. Well ventilated and burns material completely. 3 issues - 1. The straps on the bottom that support the material to be burned are not provided any bolts to prevent slippage, so when the unit expands with heat on 1st use, they slip out on one end. Customer needs to provide 6 bolts and nuts to address this. 2. The ventilation holes are too large allowing burning material to escape; these should be 50-75% smaller. 3. The paint is not ultra high temp, so it starts to bubble and slough off on 1st use.
chris cornelius chris cornelius
Was simple for a pipe fitter, construction worker to assemble BUT mine was lacking all of the hardware that was needed.And once the old newspapers and cut-up cardboard boxes were set on fire and settled down, I could see that the pieces used to form the bottom, had pulled out of their slowed position. So I'm going to have to get some thicker material and fabricate a better grated bottom because apparently the heat caused the sides to expand pulled the bottom (floor) apart. Just a few small things that can be re-done easily, but it should have been designed better and these problems thought out.So good luck.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Rusted in less than 2weeks
My burn box was delivered January 24th. Loved being able to burn paper and boxes without the worry of floating ashes. We had a hard couple of days of rain and this is the result. I thought it was weather resistant. Didn’t expect it to rust two weeks after purchasing. Any suggestions?
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer ,
Sorry for the inconvenience has caused to you .

You can contact customer service for support, and we are always working on improving product quality.
Any questions,welcome to contact us !

Best regards,
Dale T Dale T
The person I got it for enjoys using it
He loves it and uses it quite often said he is going to buy another one.
Amanda Amanda
Good idea, pretty design, but it is a shame that the bottom bars that hold material doesn't work. it bend to ground right away, I saw this issue had appear on a few reviews. why not improve it . it is a easy improvement.
jnine jnine
Good overall and easy to assemble. Would like the bottom to not have such large spaces between metal slats.
Barbara Barbara
That it has and is continuing to serve its intended purpose.
Beata Beata
It was relatively easy to assemble and it had stood up the the fire (tree limbs and leaf burning) very well.
Beatrice Beatrice
Very attractive
I love the style of this burn barrel it came fast and packaged nicely. It was fairly easy to assemble took me probably about 30 minutes total. It does not come with a bottom to the barrel so you have to either supply your own bottom or have dirt ground to burn on.

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