truthdog truthdog
Lots of power in a small package
I purchased this drill to add coolant holes in by big block Chevy. This drill made quick work of the project and even though the magnet only had about 30% contact area it held on like crazy. Very satisfied.
love it works great
toth welding toth welding
Great deal
This is a good drill for the price. I did put loctite on the adjustment screws and the handle. I drilled 3 holes in my 1/2 in thick steel table with the bits that came with it and I'm extremely happy with this drill.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Perfect for the job
Perfect for the job
Robert Beretta Robert Beretta
I mistakenly put a bad review for this was meant for another seller...
Edgar Falardeau Edgar Falardeau
So far so good. Drill motor will not shut off with magnet so pay attention. Good adhesion to work bit faster then I would like for larger holes but up thru 3/4" fine sofar.
Shop Teacher Shop Teacher
Good for the price
So far so good, week 2 of using this on a project. No real issues have arose, have some centering problems but I just loosen and retighten the Allen screws and good to go. Use plenty of lubricant. Noticed that the smaller anular bit was showing signs of overheating. Magnet has plenty of pull, used it on a 1/4" wall it held fine while cutting holes. For a person who will use this from time to time it's a good price point to get into a mag drill.
Chad Fetty Chad Fetty
Drill will run without magnet on can be dangerous.
Works well for the cost . Disappointed there is no safety switch to shut the drill off when the magnet is off.
Mike Henry Mike Henry
Great value for the money.
This tool preformed extremely well right out of the box. The operating manual was not very good.
Jay Bitters Jay Bitters
Does not drill streight.
I had to shim the drill unit to make it drill streight.
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