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sjjcdcwiod sjjcdcwiod
I like this gift very much
This is a gift I bought for my friend, he likes it very much and is very satisfied.
budhiraja eshan11 budhiraja eshan11
delivered quickly
Received my package within three days of my purchase, incredible.
Frank Neckerds Frank Neckerds
The product quality is simply perfect
The quality of the product is very good and I believe it will last for a long time.
repete repete
It's a great machine...
It's a great machine...but when you put it on a table it is very tall and hard to fill. It was fine for me I'm tall but my daughter is 5'5" and trying to get in without spilling was difficult. If the ice gets stuck it's hard to unjam at that height. For the most part it worked great and was not difficult to operate.
John S John S
Summer must have
This makes wonderful shaved ice.
Robert Todd Robert Todd
Great product
Used this over 4th of July weekend and everyone loved it.
Samantha Samantha
Very good
Can do a very fine powder or rough crushed ice texture.
Bryan McCoy Bryan McCoy
It's a great product
I like how the ice bites
Carl Endsley Carl Endsley
Great for parties
This thing is amazing and makes THE PERFECT ice for snowballs or a nice frozen alcoholic beverage.
David Privett David Privett
Very easy to use, kids love it!
Even my 10 year old son has no problem making snow cones with this, it is a simple add ice cubes and push a button to run (and make sure dish/cup is under output spout, which my son forgot the first time :) ). It is loud, but no louder than expected for a machine that crushes ice.

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