K. Webb K. Webb
Works well
So far so good. Seems to be working as it should. The only thing I dislike is the VERY loud beeping when turning on and off. Scares my animals and hurts my ears.
Michael Howell Michael Howell
Value for dollar
This keeps my spindle nice and cool, and let's me add temperature shut downs to my cnc machine at a great price. No more pump in a bucket!
sandman sandman
Keep my laser at 18 C no questions asked regardless how long or how much power im pushing.
Anthony Myers Anthony Myers
Great product!
Hey!!! If your looking for a fantastic co2 laser cooler then this is it. Best price hands down. I've had this for over or around 2 months and not an issue. If your in the US and looking for a reliable product with fast shipping this the place.
Chad Chad
Sweet unit. May not be as pictured
The picture was the one I wanted. The unit I received was very close to the picture but the liquid level was not on the front of the unit but on the rear. Still the same unit but now I need to pull the unit out check the coolant. Does it matter with an alarm probably not but being able to see the level at a glance would have been 5 stars. Have not turned it on yet as the cart is not ready.
The seller is very honest and helpful
I had an issue with the original chiller that was sent to us. The compressor would not turn on and therefore it would not chill the water. The seller was contacted and they were very nice and easy to deal with. Over a few emails and even a FaceTime live chat, we started out by trying to do some self diagnosing to see if it was something that could easily be fixed on our end, but when we were not getting any results, they immediately shipped out another chiller no questions asked. The new chiller arrived and so far it is working perfectly.
Jeremy Profitt Jeremy Profitt
Great little chiller
Using this at 9C on some PC radiators to cool a 4x8 cellar to 54F, works great and been running for 2 months now no issues. it is a little loud on fan noise indoors, but that's not really what its for.
dave dave
dont buy
don't buy not a cw-5200 and when you talk to support they just keep going around the bush, they don't want to send you a return label
Vevor Customer:
Dear customer, Thanks for your message and sorry about the inconvenience caused. Would you kindly send e-mail to with your order number and the related photos or video to show the issue clearly please? We will help you check it and reply you within 24 hours, thank you. Your any feedback will be highly appreciated. Best regards Vevor Team
Robert S. Robert S.
Keep an eye on your hoses
The only problem I had with this machine was it blows the water hoses off of the laser engraver the pump is too strong

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