steve M. steve M.
Very well bilt great value....
Chuck Daniels Chuck Daniels
Good design well built...
Well built. Works great.
Richard W. Richard W.
Vise with few vices
Quality, fit and finish is very good .Shipped faster than expected. Used for press assembling a wheel carrier and driving apart a bearing assembly. Proved to be up to the challenge and looks like it will outlast my needs for a vise. A good buy.
MKA 13 MKA 13
Worth the $$$ I paid for it and more.
I used it for all my home projects and still has its tolerances and ruggedness - I even did a lot of hammering and bending of cold and hot metals!
Daniel Sanders Daniel Sanders
It's Heavy Duty
I emailed the seller with a few issues. It looked like I got a used one. The handle was bent, dings, chips, and paint sections missing. Half the hardware was missing having busted in the bag and the box being full of holes. Looks like it rolled around a lot. I'm assuming either a returned one was sent to me by mistake or the shipper didn't secure it properly.The seller was provided detailed images of the issues. I was offered a generous discount and replacement on the parts damaged or missing. Other than the condition it arrived in and being a little dinged up, the product is very heavy and sound. I'll be putting it to the test shortly, so far so good.
matt matt
this is a decent vice I have it on my 10" bench top drill press. it is not a machining table but its good enough to do what I want which is drilling multiple evenly spaced holes and milling wood. and some light metal work I did cut a key way with it. if you get this take it a part, clean and oil it and adjust the gibs. it work very smoothly. I gave it four stars because I believe it could have been built to closer tolerances. namely the moving vice jaw. all in all I like it. for the price you can't beat it
Jeanne banta Jeanne banta
Built well
Multiple uses, heavy duty, good price
grover R. grover R.
Now This is a VICE!
Reminiscent of Crocodile Dundee's famous line "Why that's not a knife mate" comparatively (to my other two vices) this things a VICE! (on steroids) Recommend paying the price if you are looking to purchase
Josh Ebner Josh Ebner
Worth the buy
It works great but the machining of the product needs cleaned up when recieved
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
It looks good have not used it as yet

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