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Mill Vise

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Mill Vise For Unyielding Grip Of Your Workpiece

Workpiece stability is an essential factor to consider for accurate machining. This is where mill vise from VEVOR chip in to transform the capabilities of your workshop. This robust tool is designed to securely grasp your workpieces, guaranteeing their stability throughout milling operations.

Uncompromised stability is necessary for intricate designs and fragile workpieces. The machine vise from VEVOR does precisely that, bringing the accuracy of your projects to a whole new level. Bid farewell to workpiece slippage and welcome the assurance that comes with flawless control of the milling machine.

Variety Of Mill Vises At VEVOR

Before buying a machine vise, it's exceptionally crucial to have a survey of your needs and thorough knowledge of the milling machine and its available types in the market because you will encounter an assortment of milling machines like vertical milling machine, plain milling, mini milling machine, simplex milling machine, etc.. So, before any further ado, dig in and find out more.

Self-Centric Milling Machine Vise

Two movable jaws of a self-centering mill vise automatically center themselves around the workpiece. A self-centering milling machine vise can speed up operations during milling and drilling, where a precisely centered workpiece is crucial to the process. The smooth jaws are frequently removable, and the vise and jaws are both constructed of steel.

Self-centric milling machine can automatically align itself with the workpiece, which results in higher productivity within less time. The evenly distributed clamping force on the workpiece saves it from unnecessary distortion. 

Cross-Slide Drill Press Vise

Cross-slide drill press milling vise are suitable for operations where a workpiece needs to be precisely centered, much like a self-centering machine vise. A cross-slide drill press vise can be helpful for lighter tasks like drilling and light milling because it operates along two axes. Usually, the milling vise drill press is composed of iron; they have a smooth and grooved jaw.

Enhance your working precision through the versatile positioning of your workpiece, which ultimately saves space, giving you a better opportunity to handle professional projects. 

Any-Angle Precision Machine Vise

The any-angle precision machine vise is incredibly adaptable, with tilting capabilities of as much as 45 degrees in either direction and 90 degrees vertically, allowing a workpiece to be placed at a right angle to the working table's surface.

Any-angle precision machine vise offers a shortened setup duration with added versatility, as there’s no need for jigs and fixtures to hold the workpiece. 

Ultra Precision Vise Tool

Ultra-precision vise, often known as toolmakers' vise, is frequently used for grinding and inspection tasks. The vise body is usually composed of steel and has one smooth and one grooved jaw. Ultra-precision vises have a replacement for the moveable jaw that frequently has additional grooves to assist it in retaining a rounder workpiece, and they can be mounted to a workbench.

There’s less distortion, outstanding repeatability, and better workpiece surface finish when using an ultra-precision vise tool. Apart from this, an ultra-precision vise tool offers you versatility by holding a variety of workpiece shapes and sizes.

Maintenance Of Milling Machine Vise

A few maintenance tips must be considered to preserve the mill vise's performance and safeguard your financial stakes for years.

Take care of milling machine tools properly to keep the vise running. If necessary, assess for chip entrapments. Check the cleanliness of each screw brush seal visually. Each and every vise has a brush seal inside the nut on the handle end. On both ends of the nut, certain mill vises include brush seals. These brushes sweep the particles from the screw threads. Put rust-inhibiting oil to the top surface of the vise bed after allowing it to air dry. The oil supplied to the movable jaw will prevent rust from accumulating in and beneath closed sections and lubricate the nut's threads when the jaw is fully open and closed. 

Top-Of-Mind Aspects In View While Buying Milling Vise

There are oodles of vises on the market, but you must go for the perfect fit for your needs. You need to make several considerations when choosing a vise for a home project or for an industry.

Throat Depth

Checking the bench vise's throat depth is crucial when selecting. You should measure its depth from the top to the bottom of the jaw. It can hold larger workpieces if the throat depth is good enough.

Width Of Jaw

The length of the vise's jaw will match the size of the jaw opening. There is little need for more enormous jaws than 5 inches for DIY and household projects. However, if you carry out tasks in the industry, be sure to pick bench vise with more giant opening jaws.


The durability of the vise will depend on its quality and upkeep. It will be in excellent shape for a long time if you keep it carefully. Make sure the vise has serrated jaws so you can replace them if you use it frequently because there is a danger of wear.

Fast-Selling Mill Vises At VEVOR

VEVOR is home to an assortment of mill vises. You can effortlessly have your perfect fit and elevate your workplace with VEVOR. Check out our collection:

Large Bench Vise

Our 6-inch bench vise incorporates an automatic alignment pipe clamp that may increase the workpiece's contact points, lessen workpiece damage during use, and achieve the highest gripping force. The head and the base of this bench vise can be rotated up to 360 degrees.

6-Inch Powerful And Precise Clamping Vice

To reach minimal bending, this high-precision clamp vise uses high-quality materials. The mill vice has a strong grasping force that can touch 29 KN and firmly fix workpieces. Both jaw width and jaw opening are 15.2 cm.

CNC Double Milling Vise Drill press Machine

The 6-Inch cnc mill vise has two adjustable jaws, a nut, and a double-action screw mechanism. Clamping the workpieces requires the movement forward and backward of the two moveable jaws of the milling vise drill press.

The width and height of the jaw of this cnc mill vise are 160mm and 45mm, respectively.

5-inch Vise

Fitters require this 5-inch bench clamp vise as necessary equipment. This bench clamp uses superior ductile iron 80000 PSI for minimal bending. It is simple to use and increases productivity thanks to the movable handle with a pleasant grip.

4 Inch Vise

A high-quality, highly hardened iron material makes up this bench clamp. The mill vise has a strong 19KN clamping force and can solidly fix workpieces. The jaw opening and jaw width are 3.93 inches.

Why Pick VEVOR As Your Place For Milling Vise?

Apart from mill vises with great features, there are further justifications for choosing us to purchase your product.


VEVOR products typically outdo the competition of the market in a range of applications thanks to their reputation for reliability.

Promised Satisfaction

VEVOR frequently offers promised product satisfaction to give clients peace of mind. It's proof is 5-star reviews on our website.


VEVOR is cost-effective because you may receive exceptional quality without breaking the bank. Thanks to their reputation for reliability.

FAQs About Mill Vise

Q1: Which materials are used with a milling machine vise?

A1: Vise uses different materials like plastic, wood, and metal. The vise material and design are chosen as per the machined material.

Q2: Can I apply a mill vise to devices other than milling machines?

A2: Despite being made for milling machines, mill vises can, subject to their design and integration, have modified machine tools for use on other machine tools like drill presses and CNC machines.

Q3: Can you operate an end mill with a vise tool?

Yes, using an end mill with a milling vise is usual. While the end mill is the cutting instrument that cuts material from the workpiece, the milling vise securely keeps the workpiece in position.

Q4: How is a mini milling machine different from a vertical milling machine? 

Mini-milling machines are mobile, portable, and perfect for small-scale tasks. Vertical milling machines are of different sizes and are perfect for large-scale tasks.

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