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Ps Ps
Very well-made
I was very pleased everything was as I expected and I received it in a timely manner
Annabel B. Annabel B.
This Wheel Takes a Monster Sized Bolt
The bearings on this wheel require a 30M diameter bolt. I used a 100mm long bolt from Fastenal, along with two nuts, and some welding and fabrication work on my part to get this wheel mounted. I was able to mount the wheel to a piece of 1/4" plate that was welded to a piece of 1 1/2" square steel tubing that fit in my grinder. I put the nuts on either side of the 1/4" plate and in that way I used one of the nuts for a spacer which moved the wheel in line with the other wheels on the grinder. Fastenal has these nuts and bolts available, but they are pricey. I bought two wheels, and two nut/bolt set ups for the same price as the grinder company wanted for one wheel with a smaller axel bolt and no 1 1/2" square steel arm to mount it to. I spent $250 for two wheels and all the hardware to get them mounted. The grinder company wanted $275 for just the wheel without any hardware to mount it to the grinder with. I wish I could find the bolts at a cheaper price because I would definitely buy more wheels if I could. Both of wheels I bought on Amazon are working great at this time.
Greg F. Greg F.
Great Wheel with a Little Help
Very nice wheel with one issue I resolved. I wrote a detailed review about a week ago and was told it couldn’t be posted. I’m not sure why but I’m going to try again. I think it’s very helpful what I figured out so I’ll try to stay on point. Many people have had issues finding an easy solution to the large 30mm ID of the baring. I found a brass bushing on Amazon that is 1-3/16” OD and 3/4” ID. This works perfectly other than sanding down the OD of the bushing a little. I’ll leave it at that even though last time I posted a picture of the parts to make it easier and more helpful information. Sorry.
Bob Bob
Works great
I was concerned it might not perform well but it works like it should.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
I looks good
I just received it two days ago.Looks great. I haven't had any time to get it working yet.
Barbara Ghylin Barbara Ghylin
it fits
My husband bought this for a grinder he is building. He is very excited for it to work
Rebecca Martino Rebecca Martino
Not consistent in size.
I bought 2 to put together for a wide belt sander. They were not the same size. Nearly .10" difference. They stepped up and made things right. Good customer service!
Great deal, true and smooth.
Runs true and very quiet. Cuts even and smooth. I’m impressed and will buy more sizes. I had to turn a custom 30mm x 1/2” sleeve to mount it, but no biggie.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
An excellent contact wheel.
I built a 2x72” grinder from a design I came across on the internet. I chose to build the flat platen as it was part of the original design and it all worked well beyond my expectations. I added a 10” contact wheel which is a more efficient setup as it eliminates the loss of power due to friction between the back of the belt and the platen. I chose the happybuy wheel, turned a 30mm shaft for it and couldn't be happier. It is well balanced and perfectly aligned. A quality product.
Ryan Jackson Ryan Jackson
So far, I really like it. The only dislike is the large shaft/bearing office. There are some YouTube videos how to work with it - going to a machine shop, having a shaft built, etc - I found that Ace Hardware has 1 1/8” x 1/2” bearings that fit perfectly. They drop in on each side, use a 1/2” bolt to connect to the tooling arm, a couple flat washers for alignment and you’re good to go.

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