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pyro0ownz pyro0ownz
does not come with us standard propane fitting need to get a different one.
This came beautiful. compared to other reviews and what i got, they're getting better. Getting some refactor and going to fire this up and try to melt some brass. waiting for the crucible to get out of the oven. running it at 400 degrees for about an hour to get moisture out. would have given 5 stars if it werent for the mismatched propane fitting. but otherwise this is going to be great!
Alexander Appel Alexander Appel
3 kg
Crucible was shattered on arrival
Havent gotten a chance to use it yet since the crucible was shattered inside the box.
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer ,
Sorry for the inconvenience has caused to you .

You can contact customer service for support, and we are always working on improving product quality.
Any questions,welcome to contact us !

Best regards,
mark reed mark reed
3 kg
Great product just not what i needed
Great product for the price! Bought to melt copper unfortunately it DOES reach temp yet it takes 2+hrs to melt by time its ready to melt it nedds to be shut down! I will say alluminum will melt super easy and lower melt metals! I returned mine due to needing a higher temp but respect the product!
David Chynoweth David Chynoweth
3 kg
It works
Looks good no scratches no tents and yes I texted in awhile to heat up but that is normal
Carolyn E. Carolyn E.
3 kg
Intro unit
Super easy to useGreat starter kit. Using it to melt down copper wires and castingRN
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
3 kg
Early arrival
Came early looks great have yet to use it but I am very hopeful and excite
Elvira Elvira
My Dad was Satisfied!
It is very easy to use and install, it has a good amount of space my dad loved it for his crafts and use!
Travis King Travis King
Excellent quality and a bunch of accessories to get you started in this kit. Definitely worth the money - excellent value.
McMillanFarm McMillanFarm
Good but could have been great
The only complaint I have with this melting furnace is that the lining is not coated nor do they provide you with the material to coat it, Had they provided rigidizer and or refractory cement, I would give 5 stars across the board. You can obtain these through Amazon but plan on spending at least another $30. I suppose It might work without these items but I don't think it would last very long without them.I like the dual gauge propane regulator and for the price can't complain about the supplied tongs (you will probably want better lifting tongs eventually). The molds that come with it are pretty worthless (10 Kg crucible and a couple of ounce mold) but nice that they included something. Get you the molds you want and extra crucibles for each type of metal you want to melt and you will be set.Overall good for the money.
Slimjim Slimjim
5 stars so far
Have done two sessions with this furnace so far and no complaints yet. Gets up to temp quickly and seems to work just as well as more expensive melters I've used in the past. I will update this if it prematurely fails or I find any issues.

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