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There was one problem that was hard to tell who's There was one problem that was hard to tell who's
The quality
Well made scoop and very light wieght
Frank Frank
All over great scoop
I had bought a sand scoop from another company. The first time I took it out to the beach, it bent and twisted. I returned it the next day. This scoop is lightweight, easy to carry or drag for griding. Love that I can break it down to put in my trunk of my car ( I have a lot of Metal detecting stuff in the trunk) I would highly recommend this scoop. The scoop even came early which made me so happy, I went out and used it the very next day. I have dug some pretty deep holes in wet and dry sand and it digs so easy. You can look at my other reviews. I am fair reviewer and I give honest reviews.1/31/23 updateAfter using the scoop for two outing to the beach ( sand beach not a rock beach) the scoop broke on the top part of the scoop and the side part where they meet on the left side if you are looking directly at it from the front. I still liked how it broke down and easily fit in my truck and it is light weight. However none of that matters if the scoop itself breaks. I just returned it and waiting on a refund. I will be getting a CKG since I have heard amazing things about it. I will put a review out once I have used it a few times.
Sand Sand
Love my scoop. Easy to use and I don't have to bend down to use. It's durable, very lightweight and easy to use. Absolutely what I was looking for. Thanks!

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