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Christopher M Root Christopher M Root
Kind of meh
Out of the box, the blade isn't very sharp, and the plate leaves scratches and gouging on the surface it slides against. I'm thinking of putting an acrylic plate on the bottom to clean up the slide. It's a cheap tool, so if you are looking for a bargain it's ok, but I wouldn't use it as is for very fine detailed projects.
Weezer16 Weezer16
Great Tool
This is my favorite tool for making my rabbets and dados as clean as possible. Knife sharpens nice and tool was ready with just a quick hone.
ted ted
I had to exchange mine because it was missing parts.
Kristoffer Paddock Kristoffer Paddock
Great quality
Nice product
H. Susser H. Susser
easy setup
placing the device on my diamond sharpening stones I found it very easy to level, square, sharpen the entire bottom of the device including the blade which was not square with the bottom. This is no more than what you would have to do with many of the brand new planes.
Craig Zimmer Craig Zimmer
Decent Hand Tool
Don’t change the angle when you sharpen the cutter like I did. After I adjusted it back it worked well.
RichWoodRouter RichWoodRouter
Excellent Quality at very good price. Tool steel blade and stainless body. Unique handles are a plus with better leverage and control than most router planes. Blade required sharpening but this should be expected with any quality tool. After 1st sharpening, easy to resharpen. Sharpening requires some experience to do correctly like many hand tools.

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