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Customer Reviews

Randy D Allen Randy D Allen
Be careful tears easily
I would not buy again
Harvey Hastings Harvey Hastings
It does what I wanted I'm happy with it
I bought the first one I haven't looked at this one yet but if it's like the other one which I'm sure it is it held up 40 inches of snow in December That's cuz I didn't take it down I bought it the original one to protect the plants in the fall before I brought them in so I really like it.
Thomas Thomas
Super Duty
This is a super, super heavy duty tarp! Grommets are well placed and reinforced. Corners are solid double fabric. I bought it to use as a footprint for a 10'x10' Coleman but you could use it as a dining fly or tent fly.
jordan w sheehan jordan w sheehan
Tarp goodness!
I bought this tarp because it was waterproof, UV resistant, and heavy duty (16mil thick). This tarp did not disappoint. No problem keeping the water away, nothing got damaged by the heavy sunlight, and no problems with tearing under heavy winds. Couldn't be happier with this tarp. There are grommets every 18" along the outer perimeter of the tarp, so it was super easy to secure with bungie cords no matter where my tie downs on the truck bed were located.
Terry Harris Terry Harris
Great tarp
I used this tarp to cover a riding mower because I had nowhere to store it through the winter. I bought the 20x20 and basically completely wrapped the whole mower. This tarp held up very well through what was a very rough winter. We had lots of snow, wind, bitter temps and by spring this tarp was as good as it was the day I bought the thing. Also the mower was completely dry and no water had seeped inside.
richard willoughby richard willoughby
Nice strong tarp!
It is a strong solid tarp! Serves my purpose. I did not want to be sitting on the grass at a family event. A sheet/blanket & throw pillowd on top & my Derp Woods OFF & I was good!!! People around me in chairs sitting in the grass, were getting eaten alive!!! Hilarious!!!!
kirk a samuels kirk a samuels
Amazing product
So I wanted to see how these tarps held up during the winter before i wrote a review. Well I am really amazed how really good these tarps are. Used them to wrap patio furniture and patio tables. They held up in super cold, ice, snow, and heavy rain. They do not even look worn. They look just like they came the first day. I have tried different kind of tarps and some ripped, some looked like they were out there for years and some even frayed at the edges. These tarps have held up really great. If they do ever wear out i will def buy these again. It seems like they should last a really long time. Would highly recommend getting these to cover anything that needs to be outside during the winter.
Angie Tate Angie Tate
The material is worth the money
Very thick very good material
Victoria Victoria
Clearing tarp
Perfect to top off the she shed. Provides shelter and light
Nicole D Nicole D
definitely super heavy duty as described
This is one heavy-duty tarp -- once you take it out of the package, don't ever expect it to fold up that small again! For me, that is the only draw-back to it -- but since they described it accurately, I can't drop a star. But because it is so thick and hard to handle (for one senior female), I don't tend to use it much. I originally bought it for use to cover something around where I was using water - but figured I could later use it as a drop cloth for painting afterwards. It's a bit too awkward and hard to handle to use as a drop cloth, though - tarp is an accurate description. It would be excellent to use as a cover over something that is being stored outdoors - probably last years!

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