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VEVOR Heavy Duty Tarp, 20 x 40 ft 16 Mil Thick, Waterproof & Sunproof Outdoor Cover, Rip and Tear Proof PE Tarpaulin with Grommets and Reinforced Edges for Truck, RV, Boat, Roof, Tent, Camping, Brown

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Heavy Duty Tarp, 20 x 40 ft 16 Mil Thick, Waterproof & Sunproof Outdoor Cover, Rip and Tear Proof PE Tarpaulin with Grommets and Reinforced Edges for Truck, RV, Boat, Roof, Tent, Camping, Brown

Customer Reviews

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Very satisfied!
I’m always a little skeptical when I have to rely on specs from an ad as to the thickness or sturdiness of something. This tarp is very heavy duty material and hope it holds up over time for my needs!
High quality, long lasting tarps!
With a dog rescue, I'd go thru standard tarps twice a year. These tarps are so thick and well made that they have not been replaced in 3 years and counting. Well worth the price!
Thomas Thomas
Super Duty
This is a super, super heavy duty tarp! Grommets are well placed and reinforced. Corners are solid double fabric. I bought it to use as a footprint for a 10'x10' Coleman but you could use it as a dining fly or tent fly.
Laurie j Fink Laurie j Fink
Excellent, super heavy-duty tarp!
Used this once for a three-day camping trip as a rain shelter for our eating area. This thing is thick and heavy! I had zero issues with it.
Hlydude Hlydude
100% As-Advertised and Truly Waterproof!
I would recommend this as an affordable and effective solution for all types of applications. It is a durable, sturdy and completely water resistant product as advertised.
jordan w sheehan jordan w sheehan
Tarp goodness!
I bought this tarp because it was waterproof, UV resistant, and heavy duty (16mil thick). This tarp did not disappoint. No problem keeping the water away, nothing got damaged by the heavy sunlight, and no problems with tearing under heavy winds. Couldn't be happier with this tarp. There are grommets every 18" along the outer perimeter of the tarp, so it was super easy to secure with bungie cords no matter where my tie downs on the truck bed were located.
kirk a samuels kirk a samuels
Amazing product
So I wanted to see how these tarps held up during the winter before i wrote a review. Well I am really amazed how really good these tarps are. Used them to wrap patio furniture and patio tables. They held up in super cold, ice, snow, and heavy rain. They do not even look worn. They look just like they came the first day. I have tried different kind of tarps and some ripped, some looked like they were out there for years and some even frayed at the edges. These tarps have held up really great. If they do ever wear out i will def buy these again. It seems like they should last a really long time. Would highly recommend getting these to cover anything that needs to be outside during the winter.
Marisa Elena Kentos Marisa Elena Kentos
These are factory seconds for sure
This is a fantastic tarp! Much heavier than any tarp I've ever had, I usually buy the same size at a local feed store for about the same price but this one is much thicker. I noticed that that tarp I received had one of the metal grommets missing, but for me it's no big deal. Lots of factory defects in these tarps as you can see in the comments but for just throwing a tarp over a bunch of cow hay I'd say this is probably the best value for the money. This tarp is also super stiff, like it has an extra coating of plastic on it or something. Probably wouldn't hold up well if it was flapping in the wind but for sun snow and rain it looks like it will be really tough.
Enrique ramos Enrique ramos
Heavy Duty, Sturdy, Protects your Rec/Camper/Canoe!
I waited a couple of months and through two high-wind snow storms to write this review. This is definitely heavy duty! My husband and I put our Old Town canoe on top of our pop up camper, anchoring it securely. Then we anchored this tarp securely, using the sturdy grommets and bungee cords. After two whipping snow storms, the tarp is secure and our gear is dry. HIGHLY recommended. Costs a little more, but worth it! Speedy delivery, too.
Barbara Ebeling Barbara Ebeling
True Size, Very Durable Against Penetrations
This is a good sturdy tent bottom. We used it in the desert on rock strewn surface and nothing punctured the tarp.

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