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Randall O'Neal Randall O'Neal
5 T Electric Impact Wrench
Everything worked as advertised. Great price and good quality! I would definitely recommend this Jack to others. Thanks
Pedro Pedro
Priver owner
It's a good product to help to do a mechanic jobs And also it's very easy to lift the vehicles and you don't need to hertz any muscle
Martin Martin
3 T Electric Impact Wrench, Safety Hammer, Inflator Pump
Great value for price.
As advertised. It did what it was supposed to and did it well. I used it to change the oil on my Volt and I was able to use the electric wrench to loosen the nuts, used the jack to lift the car. Put stand up and lowered the car and moved jack out of the way. Changed the oil, filter then lifted the car again, took out the stand, tightened the lug nuts and lowered it. Easy peasy. It definitely raised the car up high enough to put the stand in, which was always a pain with my other, 4-wheeled jack. It was also much faster to raise and lower.
Duane Flanders Duane Flanders
Great tool for changing tires
Worked great to change the tire on the car. Had to use some blocking to get the car high enough but not a big issue as I wanted to have solid support while getting the tire repaired. The impact took the lug nuts off easily.
Zalan Zalan
Good, and almost great
Unit is very capable. Tried out several other similar Jack's and they all had issues, were cheap, or didn't live up to the specs listed. This thing let's me change a tire on my SUV with minimal effort which is impressive considering the ride height. Gave 4 stars because the battery clamps adapter is VERY cheap, and often does not make a solid enough connection with the cigarette lighter connector at the end of the power cord. Not sure I would even try to use the cigarette adapter, as it might pull to many amps and fry it. Overall exactly what I was looking for and the best unit compared to the other 3 similar ones I ordered and returned. Just not refined enough to be 5 stars yet as the adapter is important.
G. G.
Nice DC jack..
Had a problem with the battery clamps but contacted the company was sent new clamps took a few weeks but I recieved them. Did test lift on new JL Jeep it lifted it with ease just always have motor running while using this as it does pull alot of power. I am happy with this product..
Lee Lee
Easy to use
The jack is easy to use and works great. It's a little slow but gets the job done. This jack is alot easier than hauling out a heavy hydraulic jack.
Me Me
5 T Electric Impact Wrench
It Works
I have only used once to test it out. It lifted my 2022 Chevy 2500hd enough to remove tires without any Xtra blocking. I didn't give five stars because price could be less and the lack of use .
troy brooks troy brooks
Great jack
Worked great for me this last weekend. Jacked up all four corners of my Volvo wagon to change brake pads (one at a time:). The motor and it's gears make a nerving sound, but the jack works great.
Randee Randee
Incredible Function
Much easier that a trolley jack when you're working on the ground, and don't really have enough room to use the long handle required. Everything in this package looks quality. Was also impressed with the up/down button.

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