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Michael Bivins Michael Bivins
Great product for the money
Great product that is easy to ise
RPak RPak
No title
Tool is an essential item for disassembling U-joints. However, it cannot be used for ressembly. I have done a lot of work on U-joints so it was simple for me to understand how to use it. This may not be true of some do-it-yourself individuals, so a short note of instruction included in the box might be valuable.
Ronnie A. Ross Ronnie A. Ross
Very Well Made
This tool will save you time and money. I have seen too many driveshafts messed up by beating the u-joints out. This is so much easier and you can even replace a u-joint in the vehicle depending on where it is located. I wish I would have purchased this a long time ago, it has worked so well. I highly recommend this tool to any level of repair experience!!! You will not be disappointed!!!
Jamie Jamie
Does what it says
Pros: less effort/easier than using a hammer.More ideal when the yoke is already separated from the axle/driveshaftCons: the metal that holds the underside of the yoke is a little thin. Did my front axles and it’s starting to bend.
Mr. K Mr. K
Lee Lane Lee Lane
I really like the easy setup. And it works great! It was nice to be able to get the old u-joint out without needing a torch or the ol hammer and socket way. If you want to change out some u-joints and save a ton of time then this is one of the greatest tools made! I'm hooked on it. They have 2 different sizes so it pretty much fits all u-joints and yokes also.
Ann Ann
Kept Me from Going to the Driveline Shop
Since the driveline shop would have charged at least $75 (plus tax), I saved that and still have the tool for the next round. Made the removal impossibly easy on my 1990 F150 2WD shortbox rear pinion u-joint - a 5 minute job. Always a good feeling when you bypass the shop!
Anita Anita
The right tool for the job every time. I had initially bought the smallest size u-joint tool and it wasn’t big enough. Then I bought this one it worked great. Super rusted u-joints, loaded up the joint with the tool and an impact gun, smacked it around with a hammer and done deal. Don’t like to pay the shop to do things I can do for myself. Highly recommend.
Abramson Abramson
This little tool works awesome! It saves me a lot of money and best part it is not too terrible heavy and it fits in my side box of my semi truck.
Allen Allen
Great U joint puller quick and easy
Fast delivery very sturdy tool got the stuck u joint off with little problem would recommend this tool and seller

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