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17x9 inch
For Wider logs
Had a smaller diameter splitter. Occasionally I needed a wider opening for larger logs. Bought this for those larger logs works well.
Steve Steve
22x10 inch
Didn't last
I used this for a few months and it is now unusable. I mounted it to a wood beam to stabilize it for use. It worked great when it was new. The blade is soft metal and bends very easily.
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MtnsR4Us MtnsR4Us
17x9 inch
It’s best to mount the splitter on a firm surface. I used a piece of 3/4” plywood
I put an edge on the cutting edge with my grinder. Splits logs like butter.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
17x9 inch
Suprised my hubby with this to take on our camping trips. This has saved his back from pain while splitting wood. Good height, quality metal and has been a life saver.
Chris Abney Chris Abney
17x9 inch
It works well.
It works great but will need mounted to a solid surface. Build quality and ease of use is awesome.
Cindy Cindy
17x9 inch
Love it
Make shore it screw it on to someone steady and then your life will be a lot easier and this thing is amazing saves use a lot of work and $ thanks
Scott Ziegler Scott Ziegler
17x9 inch
Easy safe kindling
Easy to use and well built. It will split hardwood
SeabeckStan SeabeckStan
17x9 inch
Great kindling splitter
Note that this product is advertised as a kindling splitter, and XL wood splitter, and a log splitter. So breaking this down: - Kindling: excellent. Very easy to use, great results. I can’t compare it to the “other” style with the upward curved blade since I have never used them. What I have used is a hatchet with a steel hammer, and the Vevor splitter is much better. - Logs, XL wood: On this I’d say it depends what kind of wood you are trying to split. What I had was very dry, well-seasoned hardwoods. Elm, cherry, and madrone. Usually I would have maple, too, but for now there didn’t seem to be any in that section of the woodshed. Normally I would split green wood but right now didn’t have any. If you aren’t familiar with madrone, let me just say it is heavier, burns hotter, and is harder to split than maple. And I had to pre-split anything larger than 6-8 inches (for obvious reasons). What I found with this second class of wood is that this splitter is a very marginal replacement for a splitting maul combined with a diamond-shaped (torpedo) wedge. The elm was the easiest. But then it is also very easy to split with a maul. The madrone and cherry were a very different story. In any case I would split the large blocks first with a diamond wedge and sledge hammer. Then go to the maul. However, if I tried to use the Vevor in place of the maul it just would not split. Not with a steel hammer and not with the force I would use on the diamond wedge with a sledge hammer. I would have to use a much heavier swing with the sledge in order to get any progress with the Vevor. The obvious conclusion is why would I want to do this when I could use the diamond wedge with much less effort. My last test was with small tree trunks, 5-8 inches across. Here I found that it could be done as long as I was careful to not have any knots in line with the cutting blade. For this size wood the alternative of a splitting maul is much less favorable as that small of a log is difficult to keep upright if there is any angle to the chain saw cut. So my conclusion is: Kindling: excellent Small tree trunks: very good if aligned right. Larger, heavy woods: forget it!
Al E. Al E.
17x9 inch
Best in class
This one is rock solid. I bolted it onto a 1" thick base. makes it more stable and catches most of the bark debris. Cover is a nice touch. Its better than others I have reviewed on youtube. Metal is thicker and top allows bigger pieces. There are hard woods that dont really lend themselves to splitting this way. It much safer than holding it while I do the hatchet trick!!!
Phil L Phil L
17x9 inch
My new favorite toy/tool
This thing is amazing. I purchased it thinking it would be a gimmick item and not work. I was pleasantly surprised - this thing rocks! I've used it to split over 30 logs since purchasing as my wood supplier did not cut the logs as I wanted this year. It won't replace my splitting axe for the big stuff, but otherwise, this makes my life much easier. I haven't mounted it to anything yet, though will to some heavy 2x12 base to give some more stability, but this thing is great. I suggest using a sledgehammer versus handheld to make sure you can really get some power going. This is the best thing I'd recommend this year if you are splitting a lot of wood.

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