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John Kraus John Kraus
Vevor 22 Packs Cable Railing Kit Swage Threaded Stud 1/8'' Ss316 Stemball Swage
Ernie Campbell Ernie Campbell
These worked well and look great. I would buy them again.
These worked well and look great. I would buy them again.I used them in 4 x 4 wooden posts. I drilled a 5/16" hole all the way through the post. I then drilled into the same hole with a larger bit going about half way into the post for the head side of the swage. This left the side that the cable comes out neat and clean and barely larger than the cable.When I cut the cable, I held it up along side the post. I cut the cable so it would go half way through the post. after I crimped the end on the cable, it was the perfect length and tightened up nicely. It might have worked slightly better if I had put a little lubricant on the threads.
William S William S
Best price
product was used in cable railing system. works as it should. The price was the best that I found.
Scott Scott
Easy to use
I recently used them ondeck handrail project
Whitney Whitney
These are amazing
I build custom handrails. I love the looks of cable handrails and these contribute alot to a great professional and clean look.
Elisabeth Elisabeth
Beautiful and sleek
They were pretty easy to use. I bought the hand press to crimp the ends. I'm not sure I could have done it without the press.
Sogan Navid Sogan Navid
easy to use
This Threaded Stainless Steel Swage is very easy to install
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Held cable with no issues
Worked perfect for our cable deck
Worth the money, looks great
Worked well after learning how to use correctly. There’s always a hard way and an easy way with everything. Make sure to use STRONG connections at the bottom of your posts (whatever your posts are connected to) or else your posts will lean in the direction these are tensioning. These are strong.
Beulah Swart Beulah Swart
Excellent quality and easy to install
Just installed these with my husband. Worked out great. Excellent quality and looks great!

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