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DrBananaHammock DrBananaHammock
Just throw the instructions away as soon as you get it
This is fine little(ish) hot box. It controls the temp well, is solidly constructed, comes with accessories and priced well. The only problem is how utterly useless the instructions were. Don't even bother looking at them - the Engrish is turned to 11 and you will get no understanding of the device from it. The panel on the front is easy enough to figure out that you'll get the hang of it quickly, but man, those instructions are so bad that I had to dock it a star. Probably the worst instructions I have gotten for anything I have ever purchased.
Aadil Reid Aadil Reid
Stable temperature
Purchased this as a back up bacteriological incubator.Pros:-Great PriceStable temperature (Tested with an NIST traceable analog thermometer AND a digital thermometer).Relatively accurate internal probe and temp display (+/- 1 °C-comparable to my external thermometers).Double walled chamber helps to reduce major temperature changes when opening and closing the door for loading.Useful operating manual (translation from Chinese to English was pretty good and relatively easy to follow)Sturdy and lightweight design.CONS:Unit came extremely dirty- a lot of disintegrated packaging material was in the chamber when I first opened it. A few blasts with compressed air and a thorough wipe down with 70% isopropyl took care of most of this.Minor damage to external housing. While not ideal, it does not affect the functionality of the unit so I don't really care.No exhaust fan as stated on page. I'm not sure if this is something that was supposed to come separate or in another model but the amazon page suggests that the unit is supposed to come with a fan. Additionally the operating instructions mention a fan control button, however my model does not have this. (not really a big deal in my case again; but the advertised features should probably be clearer).Overall a good unit for my purposes. Would buy again.
William Gray, DVM William Gray, DVM
Working well
Digital is off 1 degree
Juan G Herrera Juan G Herrera
Excelente servicio
Excelente equipo. No llego con certificado de calibración

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