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The Tx Bear The Tx Bear
8 Pieces Orange No
Driveway and sidewalk lights
Very rugged and just the right amount of light. I used Gorilla Glue heavy duty constructive tube (tube using caulk gun) to put them down which worked quite well.
Ricky F. Ricky F.
16 Units White No
Great lighting
Those lights are great for the driveway. My only complaint is the anchor bolts. They are made of very light material. Also it’s difficult to tighten the nuts because there is little room between them and the light making a wrench or socket difficult get on the nut
Phil Phil
16 Units Blue No
Great products for concrete ramp around airport hangar. Easy to install. High quality. Colour of your choice.
Wobbie Wobbie
8 Pieces White No
Vevor driveway solar lights
Well i do like the lights and most of them are very bright. There is a problem with 2 of these lights not being as bright as the other 5. 1 will not recharge @ all. And yes all 3 of the lights in question have been placed right bedside the one that work great so there would be no question concerning access to sunlight. I would have definitely purchased again if they ever needed replaced but at this point I question if I would buy again. I'm just being honest and very doubtful if I would recommend at this time due to the problem with 3 of these lights for someone to buy. The bottom line is I purchased 8 lights and 5 work the way they should.
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer,
Thanks for your message and sorry about the inconvenience caused.

We are glad to offer you the best service here.
Would you kindly send e-mail to with your order number and the related photo or video to show the issue clearly please?
We will help you check it and reply you within 24 hours.

Please do not worry. We will offer satisfying solution after we figure it out.
Your any feedback will be highly appreciated.

Best regards,
Vevor Team
Laura Laura
24 PCS Blue No
Office Manager
Works great and holds a good charge. They light up a good area. Even when it is cloudy outside it still lights up great.
24 PCS Blue No
Driveway Lights Work As Shown/Described
Driveway lights are of good quality and work as described/shown. Downside, four lights located in corner of shipment box were damaged during shipment due to inadequate protection. Upside, received refund for $30; downside, have to order more to cover damaged lights with potential to recive more in dmaged condition due to packing.
Mark Anderson Mark Anderson
12 Pieces White No
Quality of solar power lights
Love the product and the quality of the product. They shine very bright and hold a long charge. Thank you
Charles Charles
8 Pieces White No
Great looking night lights
These pathway lights last all night when they get full sun. Partial sun will reduce how long they shine. Easy to install! I have actually run over these lights (accidentally of course) and they are undamaged. I highly recommend them!
Deb Deb
24 PCS White No
I was actually shocked at how great these work and the quality of the product. Normally if I order off the internet doesn't seem to work out for me lol. These I would also recommend for everyone. Thank you
Terry Lister Terry Lister
12 Pieces White No
Maintenance Manager
These worked perfect for our new bridge. We installed these and have had no maintenance except for a quick cleaning. They are bright and almost indestructible. I have reordered for my personal residence and will continue to use these in lieu of electric as they have held up to rain wind storm. Even as the hurricane passes I have no fear of outrage of light on the bridge

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