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Tom Tom
10 L
Like to work with my hands
Heated water quickly. Cleaned 43 old carburetor with 3 of 4 cycles. Bought unit with knob control for simplicity and reliability. Was not disappointed.
Highlander_007 Highlander_007
3 L
Great cleaner
ProsI like the dial controls. Plenty of room to clean parts and saves me time. Quiet. Heats well. Great sonic cleaning action. Removes rust using vinegar in 15 min vs sitting all night. More powerful than i imagined.ConsShipping SUCKED.I would buy again
Gina Marie Gina Marie
10 L
A little loud but does the job!!
I got this as a gift for my son who always seems to be cleaning carbs and parts. He used to use carb cleaner by the gallon but this has been a game changer. I also purchased the deionized water for the unit since we have well water. That's a little spendy but the speed with how fast it cleans and will stay clean is amazing! He has it in the basement since we live in MN which is very cold right now so it's a little loud but I'm sure it won't be bad during the summer in the garage.
Thomas Edward Wilkerson Thomas Edward Wilkerson
30 L
Perfect for carburetor, small parts, valve, bodies, in transmissions I’m not gonna give 100 characters. Don’t care if you like it or not.
Orin L. Johnsten Orin L. Johnsten
Does a great job, however....
As for cleaning records, it does a great job. Everything I pulled out of there showed a huge improvement in cleanliness. It is a little clumbsy putting records on and off the spindle which does not have a power switch, but rather a cord you have to plug together. The only other drawback is that it is really really noisy! Maybe that is the nature of ultrasonic cleaners, IDK, but this one is loud.
JoAnn Perry JoAnn Perry
6 L
We ordered this mostly to clean our antique clock. It was large enough to comfortably fit the timekeeping mechanism. The unit did a thorough job. It is easy to use. I would recommend this to anyone.
daniel szech daniel szech
3 L
Exactly as described and works good
This came exactly as described and works good ,is not very loud, and the heater works great. A lot of people say how loud it is but they must have never used other ultrasonic cleaners before- I have used a $1400 Crest brand and this one is pretty comparable to that. I cleaned a chainsaw carburetor with some mean green cleaner and water in it and it cleaned it up real good in about an hour. Couldn't be more happy, especially for the price.
15 L
Appears to be an effective cleaner. I used water & Extreme Simple Green at 60 degrees for 30 minutes and was pleased with the results. My hope is that the person who built it is better at wiring than they are spelling.
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John D. Macar John D. Macar
15 L
I love mine! In fact, l just got home from the gun range and l broke down my polymer framed pistols and threw them in my unit! You can safely clean your weapons with a mixture of water and Extreme Simple Green at a temperature of 60C. I leave them in there for 40 minutes and then hit them with my air line and then lube and DONE! No more screwing around with Q-Tips and solvent, those days are gone! Take the wooden grips off of your steel framed revolvers and 1911s and do them too.
Starchild Starchild
15 L
Good quality, perfect size
I’ve used it for a month now, it’s noisy-(they all are), and the heat works really well. I’m enjoying how well it cleans parts, I’d buy again

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