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Artur K. Artur K.
14 Pieces 10 L
good quality for not commercial use
The Patriot The Patriot
No 3 L
Leaks down
This product does the job but does not fit domestic vehicles as far as my experience goes. This product also leaks down and does not hold vacuum for a period of time.
Pumps well
Pumps oil well, but connecting tubes do not fit upper chamber, so had to continually hold down against top of unit. Eventually used a different tube from a different pump.
Bryan Bryan
Shop must have
Works great easy and gets job done!
Brian Richardson Jr. Brian Richardson Jr.
Worked like a charm!!
This thing worked great. Changed the oil in both of my Waverunners in roughly 30 minutes. Sucked pretty much all of the old oil out of each one and was easy to drain it into a container to bring to Autozone to recycle. Highly recommend this.
Agustin Tirado Agustin Tirado
Arthur Arthur
I own a fertilizing company. I purchased this extractor for my four Perma Greens. Anyone that knows this machine know how difficult it is to do oil changes. With this extractor I know longer dread ask my guys to do it. Very simple to use or explain if you employ workers. Thanks for saving me money!!
Les Les
Works great!
I used this to suck old oil out of an engine. Easy to use and worked as advertisedLes Hunt
Kidd Lawn Care Kidd Lawn Care
Hoses are garbage but it will save a TON of time on small engines
I have a lawn company and every year or whenever maintenance is needed there's always an oily mess, or a hose is too small and 2 quarts of oil take a half hour to drain or etc....With this, you can drain nearly all the oil from any Kaw vtwin in literally like 15 seconds. Anything you can get to the bottom of it'll pull it down. The hoses are stiff as pex tubing that's been stored on a shelf since the dawn of time. (almost like that's what it was) and the grommets that go to the reservoir also don't fit the greatest. They aren't really rubber but some sort of nylon material. I'm going to replace them with rubber nipples from the hardware store. I'm sure the oils will swell them eventually but this way they will stay on.Emptying is a little dumb but still not enough to make you think its a bad product. I wish it had an air fitting because sometimes there is a little more pumping than I would like but hell, i'd buy another if it came to it.
Wendy Wendy
Wendy says it's very handy tool!!
This is a very helpful tool with changing fluids in my Malibu boat! I couldn't have done it without it. I was able to suction out the oil, transmission fluid, and put them into containers to be recycled! Very handy!!

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