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no1jaf no1jaf
Great if you don't use it outside
Awesome if you only need for ornamental purpose. Very misleading. I ordered this directly from the Vevor website. I realized too late that ALL of the reviews on their site are suspiciously 4 and 5 stars. Not so at Amazon for the same product. They are scrubbing all of the negative reviews on their own site. Also, the description says that this is vinyl coated galvanized. There is no galvanized coating on this wire at all. It rusted severely after the first rain. This won't last two seasons outside in the midwest. And lastly, it is very weak wire; not even close to 16 gauge. On amazon it says 23 guage which more accurate. It has the consistency of twist tie wire. A determined rodent could chew through this.
Christine D.  Richards Christine D. Richards
Great quality item and perfect to keep rabbits out of my garden! Rolled tightly, I did unroll outside and weighted it down prior to use. Recommend.
J. J.
As described
As described
Lori Lori
Works great as a barrier at the base of my deck.
I’m redoing the area around our deck and the mesh is sturdy yet pliable. (I want to cut back on the rabbit / raccoon traffic under our deck) The package I ordered came with gloves and a small cutter which worked out great. I was happy with the product and the ease of use.
Lion Parker Lion Parker
Easy to cut and install. Using this for outside...
This wire was used to build a outdoor cat patio. It was way sturdier but was also very easy to work with! It also was easier to cut than I anticipated. I'd definitely buy it again!
Chris Chris
Not as well made as other brands
First of all the hardware cloth is not 16 gauge as advertised; it's closer to 18 or 20 gauge. The coating on the wire is fairly nice, the overall width is 24 inches, and each square is 1 inch wide. However, many of the weld points were already separated before I even unrolled the hardware cloth and each square in the length direction is actually 1 1/8 inch which makes it difficult to build animal cages.If using for fencing this product may work fine but I would not recommend for animal cages.
E. E.
heavy duty
good security for our chicken run!
Paul Dorey Paul Dorey
Product is only 46" long and not 50" long.
Love the product. Despite many negative reviews, product is exactly as depicted with one exception. The roll was exactly 46' long instead of 50' long. I needed to cut it into six 8'l pieces for my project. I could only get five. They should send me another 8'. I should not have to order another roll. I will wait to see if their customer service corrects this error.
owtshark owtshark
As advertised
Purchased this to raise the height of a cinder block wall, to keep in a particularly bouncy dog. Excuse the poor job of mounting it, I'm not the best -- but it's doing the job, and I think it looks great. It's not going anywhere, and neither is that dog.
DianeF DianeF
Good buy for the money
I didn’t read that I got gloves and snips. So great surprised. Durable and easy to work with.Was cheaper on Amazon. I’ll be purchasing one more.

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